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Hello welcome to the show. The Italian peninsula is pulsating at the prospect of the the Italian. I described the anticipation level. Here is above average shackling shocks. The only major daily Steve Nickel Craig Burley Guide Makoni is with US too. He is certainly quaking at the prospect of you venter's against Inter. We can see they are the top two teams in in Syria. After six games into perfect with six wins out of six events is just the two points behind them. The automakers actually actually make it into slight favorites to win this at home. You've into sit close to two to one for the win just over two to one on the draw gap. Let's start with you. It's always a massive game but many are calling this the biggest WTI Italia in close to a decade why simply because it's really the first time in close to a decade that that interacts legitimate contenders they've won every game name thus far in they're coming off a Champions League week where they went to the camp now in Barcelona and for more than an hour they play really really well and then perhaps had a dip at the end and so all these factors together coupled with all the all the subjects here obviously you've got doggone thing and Bep in Mata going back to take on to take on new Venice. You've got you know geico go dean against skips. Ronaldo renewing old rivalries there. You've got show many things going on on the side as well. I think there is a sense that the people are ready after so many years of vendors dominance for for somebody to go and deliver the title and it would be quite a story if it were who does it contain against Syria sorry of course gap the battle of the recently deposed Chelsea coaching say. Let's let's get to the teams that you expect to see out there. GAP STARTS OUT WITH INTER-WAR. What is it starting eleven and we look at blue collar. Who Missing Out in mid week? He's should be fit again so he's up front. There's no Alexis Sanchez who suspended of course foolish suspended I might add highly would've started anyway Dombrowski of coming in on the right wing Mozart elite for beyond that it's really interest- best eleven recenter backs and really explosive midfield led by Stefan with and Brockovich rough and what about event is Gab. Renaldo is starting to click yeah some debate about whether it's developed Renaldo whether it's GonNa be Wayne and who Seattle upfront some debate over the formation I should do. There's a lot more than certainty here which weird when you think society team we know that his best eleven we'll have douglas on the wing and that that four three three with church turns before for two off the ball but there is no douglas costs are so the thinking is we're going to see somebody in the whole it could be Aaron Ramsey. We will the Aaron Ramsey it could be. There's also the option of been lining up as sort of the third man in that three prong attack in midfield. Probably what what right now you would say three and ambulatory continued to write back in part because the show and then levels out in part because he's done a pretty decent job there and obviously community but we know that he's not gonna be back until the new year so it's partnering Pucci Delicious Delicious Prospect. Isn't it great big one for Ramsey's relatively house played the GOP said they'd give teams a bit more hard to gauge because Sarah has changed around and they have a big squad but as another market down for inter who started this season fantastic well okay had a big challenge in mid week which the the Ba- lost whoo certainly won't disgraced and the debt of CIANCI's against the US side who haven't quite had the straps yet. I think gobs mentioned this before. I think one of the big things enter is not just the fact that they've got. Some new faces in the playing field is the fact that Antonio Conte has given the funds hope as well and you know. Here's is a guy that goes to ut lingering around seventh previous even towns around it goes to Chelsea has a has a bad star tones it round that season they went new league and to get off the six games in the League of Women Star. I think giving everybody a and rightly so I'll look forward to but the two biggies is tested all coming within four or five days and then you know got good gauge of where enter our by by Sunday night I coming off that loss against since Barcelona as well I I'm interested to see coney goes both because of the Madrid in bothell on an yes they played well for no doubt shed but ultimately law is he going to try and set trying to save some energy because they they gave me or will he try and take advantage of the modern pop because it's five against four my opinion of safely we three you. You know sorry one which which we did. He go accompanied my mind up whether he goes on the front foot or whether it goes conservative. Yep You get the sense out there. Slow Start Conventis is starting to enjoy full now and Maurizio. Sorry starting to figure things out as you'd expect. This event is a still you've enters the daytime daytime defending champions for for a reason. I still think that this is you've enters. That hasn't hit full stride just yet. I feel they can go up a game or two and I act who is coming would be playing seemingly for the long term now. I don't think he's found his confidence either. Just yet alongside Baluchi intend to catch a new Venice. This is about as good a time. No parental yeah to get something out of it. I can key players Craig fee. Oh you who stands out on either side of the ball who the potential gain decide his sentence. He's playing Brnovich. Didn't the hard graft in the middle of the macaca could come back in the game. You know mind united we were critical as GONNA show up in a real big games. They don't come much bigger than this. He didn't play mid week so so he's he's. He's fresh off blocking the site so he'd be a big shot mentioned from you have a lane how does young Honduras partnership with Benicio Gab. I wonder mental block. Perhaps for into the get over here. They've only beaten you've inches one time in the last thirteen in Syria. I don't think so we look I mean have a whole lot of issues mental and otherwise have had over the last decade but you know I'm not a believer in those statistics. I don't see how it's relevant. What happened eight games ago ten games ago when it was different players? It was a different manager different manager on the on the you've aside as well of course obviously when you're when you ain't that it does feel as if you you're kind of always climbing a mountain. It's a very Sisyphean pursuit if you will but that's add any dog team especially in the first six months months what they're never lacking is mentality so. I don't think that's going to be an issue in issue for them at all. I think give this game this game. I don't think it's going to be won or lost by mind games or whatever this game is going to be won or lost either either tactically if one of these two teams and weirdly Qaddafi who's the one who's perhaps more likely to throw a curve ball and change things up rather than Cold Day. One there or it's going to be won by individuals because you've got some tremendous game changing individuals on the page from from merely Ghannage to China Rinaldo obviously to as as we heard from Craig the likes Consi Louder Martinez whose looked sharp and maybe lukaku offers a different type of challenge stevie could possibly be a game decided by which defense plays better the the defense has been spectacular. They've conceded feed. No there's only one mistakes in my head as could game could be decided by Rinaldo. Yeah I mean the truth is I'm listening in right now. This could be a good thing to play event. Remember l'ennemi vent is no last couple seasons regardless of the monitor players have we sat and watched little about how the moving the ball well decree logic get the feeling that was more event as it never played. GUETTA fought to get resolved. They always get when at my house most. There's one team and there's one. Guy Renaldo who comes up trump scored in both games at the San Sierra last season prediction timeshare. which way do you see this going? I in and to get the job done. You know I think we've seen enough from into suggests that and as I said on a standby this is as good time as any to to catch Venice. I think to get three points. Golden Lost Zero sorry at the wrong country park for that aw just particularly say come on it was nothing to do with. We talked about insurance. There's nothing to be by defendant grip pace in the bowl from massey the touch from Suarez just go finish one of those things it wasn't all over the place yes they had to defend but they were beaten by couple of Grit Gold folks and I think that gives them heartful game because the well I'm GonNa go for an intimate on win and another Markelle Dome for them in the League to who they're going to be a Hatcher Kuni. Event is don't lose. Don't lose so you're saying say saying juice. Hugh had junior bets into we've all event is always come up trumps. You County back against him in a big game blue gabby. You get you get the casting vote here. What's going to happen diplomatically. Sit on the fence here. See something I think into draw points for the first time in the season. I'm going to go with with a high scoring hiring draw to to something like that. Maybe even more I know you wouldn't normally think so. Look at city is a game. It's going to be tight but I think there are enough off individuals out there and you know this is still Saturday's. You've and I could see a game with practically different outcome but along the same lines of what we saw when they played Napoli so basically gobbled says you won't lose that'd be Eddie can place for the girls rose for a high scoring draw the rest of the Syria fixtures on Saturday and Sunday looking like this

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