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Less than 15 minutes out of blue ash into town crews continue to work with the structure fire that has handled in Richmond blocked up below 73 Riverside Drive blocked up between Delta and Baines and will be for several weeks. Thanks for I should say Delta Collins, thanks to the water main break chocking. Grim news radio 700 wlw. Forecast calls for light rain this morning and a cloudy day and cloudy night and cloudy tomorrow. As a matter of fact, 39 is the best will do for a high this afternoon tonight. It's down to 29 tomorrow, right around 40. It's gonna be a pretty cloudy week. Right on through right now. 35 is what we got. 700 wlw 700 WLW Sports Starring Bill Dennis San. Thank you, Mikey. And Good morning, everyone. Bangles of exact Taylor, returning for his third season as head coach of the Bangles. Job, Earl, where it rehabbing in California from his knee surgery, treated tweeted out his vote of confidence and hopefully don't have to ever watch a game on TV again. That's good college football. The Heisman Trophy will be awarded tonight. College basketball last night, Bob Huggins gets his 300 Women. West Virginia is the Mountaineers rally to win it? Oklahoma State Tonight. Vanderbilt up against Kentucky and 70, ESPN. 15 30 your date and fires. How they doing taking on Fordham, But I've been going over all you want. All right, I think Let's see Reds update catcher Curt Casali nontendered by the Reds signed with the San Francisco Giants one year $1.5 million. That's more than us. That's very well. Except for Will you believe it? Except for Willie? Yeah. I was asking you once and a child get underway. You said they start training camps have started And I think that Columbus Blue Jackets air with one week from Thursday. They start, so they got camp and let's go. Wanna go to a hockey game. You can't get in anywhere, No Winter Classic on new Remember New Year's Day That Winter Classic comes somewhere and I will happen forward to that. They were going to do that on Lake Louise. It's up in the Canadian Rockies, and you might do in the middle of nowhere because people can't go anyway. So right, well, do it somewhere kind of picturesque right? And that would have been that would have been picturesque, beautiful. Absolutely 700 wlw. Alright. We got Jay Ratliff in J. We have the numbers in here. Yes, said they screened 500 million fewer people last year than.

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