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The code. Marnie on the move now onto the episode. Who Tell me a little bit about your company and where it began. Did you just did you just launch like a couple years ago or this year we either fit collective just opened in January? It is something have been something that I wanted to do. Most of my career to be honest but it really put it into the works early laughter and then we opened our doors Technically the opened the doors are physical space opened in February. But I've been treating under the collective since January. We're right in downtown. Dc just like two blocks from the White House and essentially what the concept is. It's it's a was a Cepeda and sports practice of physical practice but it's basically a co working space for physical therapists and clinicians every physical therapist. Who works out of the space is their own thing and works for themselves but we all work together so that we can still have time freedom in our lives. You are a sought after renown amongst many top fitness founders studios instructors as well as professional recreational and collegiate athletes. Where does your interest for healing and physical therapy begin? I would say that it started in undergraduate and I kind of fell into it. If I'm totally honest like a lot of people you kind of go to college and have no idea what you're going to be right and you just start taking some classes to mentor friends and parents and anyone. You can speak to you and I at one point to a direct University of Virginia and at one point I met with on the advisors for Kinesiology Department at UB. A few classes to take to see if I beat. Sit in it. I started taking those classes and I just loved. It was the first time I think honestly maybe as an adult even as a kid that I really was excited to go to a class to learn just learning how our bodies doesn't work and why they can do the amazing things that they can do. I'd always been athlete growing up played volleyball and I was in high school. So the two kind of merged really nicely together at UVA's with actually when you studied kinesiology and let me go. This is normal for a lot of colleges but they make you do a certain number of physically practical hours in a setting that relates to the field so far can you go to essentially observe are helping us as well therapy face. You could work in the athletic trainers offense for physician. Whatever you want to do because you basically had to go to Grad school when you finished the major and they wanted to make sure you knew what you do and I personally just enjoy being in the physical therapist office more than anything that I experienced interesting and so now you mentioned that you had just opened in January. How are you managing in the current economic climate and health climate? Yeah units really tough unfortunate an just like a lot of businesses and certainly with this climate right now right. Now we're scaling up and sober really bummed to lose this time of like scaling up. Everyone's position so he's have to take it for what it is so what we're really shifting to try to do is more telehealth with working with patients who were super high level. I always try to foster only there for them and also always trying to foster independence so this is actually a really great time to have to work with patients to pay. What can I do to take care of my body? That's yawned like Ashley's hands and Actually Grind Gulf if that makes sense it's like one of the core things that goes with. Being physical therapist is trying to not have people rely on your hands but getting them to be able to do exercises on their own as well exactly exactly and so this are actually being forced into you know patients who maybe world relying on my hands and or be afraid to jump from an estimate that jump from the nest right so. I'm doing a lot of programming for patients over email. Doing a lot of phone calls virtual visits it gets challenging a lot of physical therapists who work significantly an outpatient to prove that we are lot more than just our hands to everyone. Yeah and so you are. So you're doing telehealth. Yeah I am right now. That's what you're deter. Not every patient I would say is right now. Everyone like everyone's just really stressed right. So I think a lot of aches and pains right now are kind of on the back burner. I think we'll see a really thick and functions. We get to the other side of this but everyone doing new chains home running or doing weightlifting at home or whatever that be but I am doing telehealth right now for fit. Were doing it as we're doing a complimentary just for the time being because everyone just kind of stuck in this position. Yeah and now I mean you with everybody. Exercising at home not in a studio with instructor even if they are following structures on zoom or whatever platform people are using to teach digital workouts. Are you feeling like people need to learn more of an awareness how to move their body because they're not really being supervised in person and are there? Is there anything that you might advise like listeners? Who are doing workouts at home to think about as they're doing all these taking all these classes them time practicing distancing it being inappropriate faith. I actually just did an couple with solid core about like coming back to the foundation of Manson's since a lot of clients are no longer in front of their instructors dislike. How good planning things like that so I think it's really interesting. I think on one in one sense because p people and patients can kind of come back and take their own speed when they're doing anything or watching You know instagram live like you said the other side of it is that like. There's no one watson that giving them like immediate feedback it's challenging and also because things are news even if you're a favorite instructor from whatever fitness you'll have to go to teaching classics probably a slightly different than what you're used to doing. Face off of the principles of the studio at work in if that makes sense. Yeah no completely and so you know the biggest thing that I write out for. People are just making sure that we're still being really smart about it in the sense of like not forgetting all of the principles and values that you put into your training your workouts when we are under quarantine. So things like okay. I've never gonNA jump two hundred percent in a week right related. GonNa take arrestee. I think those are the things that get quickly forgotten. When we're in these unusual circumstances that I found myself constantly reminding patients out there like Oh running remodeling hurts my time out like oh. I don't know and I'm like right like suddenly starting to run. I actually had to stop myself the other day because I was training for actually a marathon in April and I was supposed to run my eighteen mile long distance and it was right before everything was officially. Shut down but a lot of things were shut down and I was. I knew that my race was going to be cancelled but it wasn't canceled yet. It was the New Jersey Marathon and I was like you know. I probably should not do this because I don't have to. And it's a lot of miles so you know maybe I'll just do ten. Maybe that I'll just be my long distance for the next few weeks. 'cause my race is going to be cancelled and there's no need to put that kind of tax on your body. That was one thought that happened. And then the other thing that happened though the other direction was I started to get nervous. I'm never going to be able to run outside again. And so then I was running every day. See all in some form of having happened in our head space. Right of like okay. Let me have this very rational thought of like. What am I training for in this moment right now let me just go out and exercise today? We're also like wait. What am I can never do this again. I need to soak it all in right now. Right and that's how people get injured and one of those people i. I have to make sure that I am bringing awareness to what I'm doing and not overtraining or doing some exercise dance class where I'm GONNA to like trip and Bang into furniture and it's funny talk about half of my job is out of the reminding of these commonsense things are kind of playing out in a way that meets it common sense to them right. They're like really hurting better. We can find buses week it was daylight hundred stats prayed or for Kansas hearts out steps like had gone that far before than you offer took full cycle..

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