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Which always he's come down around Fourth of July and the air are two new members who have been voted in Derek? JETER and Larry Walker. I would not have voted for Larry Walker. I'm not a heater. Haters GonNa hate congratulations to him. I know he had tweeted out earlier in the day. It looks like I'm GonNa fall short because all the results of people who made their ballots public and you don't have to more about that in a second. But he was coming in about seventy three and a half percent percent you need seventy five. And he got in and Larry Walker I remember him mostly a a expo but he also played for the rocks and the cardinals. Seventeen years a three thirteen career hitter. Three hundred and eighty three home. Home runs two hundred and thirty stolen bases. He was a tools guy. Believe it or not back in the day ninety seven National League MVP VP one of the top five outfielders in the last fifty years. If you look at WWL which I don't but it took him all ten years into his tenth that year to get in the cores field stigma obviously affected him not enough though he got in and a lot of injury issues as well trying to think of the show. I can hear my ears right now. Anyway it's guys really mad. He's talking too fast. The rockies owner Dick Mouthful Montfort said I know I speak for the whole rocky mountain region in congratulating Larry for his election to the hall of fame Larry Blast Our region for parts through ten seasons and we feel extremely fortunate to be a part of his credible incredible career. congrats Larry Cardinals chairman. Bill dewitt said on behalf of the entire Saint Louis Cardinals Organization. I would like to measure Larry Walker on this well deserve honor and also his selection to the National Baseball Hall of fame all areas time with the cardinals at the end of his distinguished career where he played a significant role in two thousand four and helping the cardinals to win their first National League title and world series appearance in seventeen years. So so Larry Walker is in. He'll go in with also. Ted Simmons who was elected wouldn't voted for him either and neither did the writers the Veterans Committee when you put him in and Marvin Miller is no longer with us. Who was one of the pioneers behind free agency? Who should have been? Let's get the Derrick jeeter derrick jeeter was going to it'd be an anonymous unanimous except one vote so he's second all time. I'm now for the last almost twenty years until last year. Tom SEAVER had the record. Ninety eight point eight four percent then four four years ago Griff got to ninety nine point three two Rivera unanimous and then jeter ninety nine point seven five and Derrick. Jeeter said all the right things like I was still nervous. It wasn't a fait accompli. Not His words. People told me it was in the bag. And I'm still you know but we got got all these people to agree and he. Everybody agreed but one now. We don't know all the all the ballots that were made public. Dad Derek. JETER is name checked so we don't know who that is. I Oh we know who it is. Now okay Dominico let me now. It's someone from Barstool. They have a vote but anyway Last night we didn't know who it was. Now we know so long long dominance and let me know who that is but I remember the guy who was hunted down so to speak by New York sports talk radio when he was the lone dissenting vote. In Jacob degrom cy young almost unanimously got hung up. He hung up on the guys on the air they were just shredding them. And and Derrick jeeter when you think about it twenty years with the Yanks almost thirty five hundred hits two hundred and sixty home runs five gold gloves fourteen. All Stars The second most games at shortstop in history only cal ripken have more four world series with the Yankees. MVP of the two thousand series and his career batting average in the playoffs. It three Oh eight. One hundred and fifty eight playoff games. That's unreal. I mean back in the day Babe Ruth the most he could play in a year where seven even but if you throw in his popularity his reputation he was a lock. Obviously but the thing that I didn't know about jeeter when I was looking at all his platitudes. And you the step up moments he had the flip to Jason Giambi. Why was he standing in front of home plate in foul territory and Jami didn't slide? It'll haunt me Jeremy. GIAMBI dumb You think about his last game ever five for five within the walk off hit. The three thousand hit was a home run to win a game diving into the crowd and leaving part of his cheek on a seat on Trot Nixon against the red sox. I mean there's so many moments the jump throw which became a logo and you think about a guy that Michael Jordan said. We're GONNA make some baseball spikes just for Derrick jeeter jump man baseball. It's just funny. The one person who didn't think he belonged in the hall of fame. Now if you could say. He's not the best shortstop ever I'd agree with you. He's not the best defensive or offensive shortstop ever. Yeah obviously but the numbers don't lie first of all it used to be if you got three thousand hits you're in. He had three thousand four hundred sixty five all the world series trophies. I mean it's just don mattingly. There was like a seven year gap between having a captain of the Yankees and after he retired in the Steinbrenner. Said okay. This guy is going to be a Yankee. Captain how Steinbrenner said quote every accolade that has been bestowed on Derek throughout. His career has been earned and deserved. He was a captain and champion in every sense of the word man who embodied our traditions and expectations within a mistake grace and dignified resolve garrick. Legacy is one of the most beloved and charitable players in the last quarter century. Cements his place in baseball history as he is immortalised in Cooperstown this summer we probably reflect the honor honor he brought to the Yankees Franchise New York community and the great game of baseball. Brian Cashman said now remember. There was a guy in the front office. The name Brian Savvy and that really pushed for this kid out of Kalamazoo high but Brian Cashman said when we drafted Derek Jeeter with the six overall pick in in the nineteen ninety-two draft. He obviously had physical talent. And however what truly set him apart and put him on. The path to cooperstown was his desire to win and a personal drive to be the very best player he could be from the outset. He played the game the right way and his confidence was contagious. Ages so often felt like he would not be denied and that believe rubbed off on his teammates leading to so many victories over so many years he provided countless memories for fans and it's clear how much he will always mean to them. Thanks to Derrick. We reached the pinnacle of the baseball world. Five Times yes and he will forever be a defining player of his generation. Congratulations on an honor will earn the only time I talked to Derrick jeeter in In his career was they were playing the as some years. Back and I asked him. You know I never whenever never I would be in the opposite dugout. I always want hanging on the opposite dugout because the Sassy I wanna get to know the other team. But if somebody's literally sitting there twiddling their thumbs I say hey you got a couple of minutes. Some pre and post game on the flagship. Sure so I asked you eater and he was sitting there and I you said Cast a couple of questions air. Go ahead Tyson Ross is pitching for the is by the way a giant Tyson. Ross is pitching for the as What do you what can you say about him and your approach today and he goes? I never heard of him. I never heard of him. He didn't he in prep. He Goes Siebel hip. Paul that's my philosophy really. You didn't. You didn't do any scouting on him. He goes see hip all never heard of him and at first I thought he was being a jerk and then I thought maybe he's telling the truth. Maybe quite literally hasn't heard of I remember Dallas. Brayden I think it was that same game when when he told era. Don't walk on my mound and afterwards when somebody was interviewing Dallas saying Do you think You know there's some bad blood there and the Dow sprayed and said he d I can guarantee you. A ROD has no idea who I am he said I'm not even a blip on his radar. But anyway congratulations to Mariano Rivera Derek. JETER and Larry Walker come back. uh-huh it. It has been said that everyone has a book taken them. But do you have the time or the ability to write your book. Maybe you picked up some skills or head a life experience that you want to pass on in the form of a book to help others..

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