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You have more options, you can do what you wanna do, especially if you have the choice, do it, you're going to do it. Right. I want to stay in warm weather. I'm pretty sure a lot of these guys they wanna come to warm weather. That's twenty years. I've been hearing I heard now. Carmelo went east because he engineered a trade, Kevin Durant trade. So I don't know. It's a. Casino mobile. Good. You see to joy with the news. No, no, no. This is the headline news. Well, you never been a raptors believer all year. No. And a lot of people felt like they were done. They went down to you felt like they were done after the off the first game blue out Milwaukee last night, once one zero to even up the series two piece why Leonard being injured in tired, and Seok them suffering from foul trouble. But why still the damage thirty four minutes and said after the game he will keep fighting? Good can keep going keep fighting. We have a chance. So no make means no excuses you playing basketball. And no, we got to win. So fun to watch everything. I mean apart from the fact that I've been extra extra right about Hawaii, after's. So it's a little enjoyable for me. I was probably equally as wrong about the bucks. Although I did say he all year. I think that what's happening with Hawaii is like I said, we, we kind of just forgot because he wasn't playing because of the way the exit went with the Spurs any also must a bunch of games this year. Yes. Yes. And he did take a lot of rest days this year. We didn't know that he was this goody like it just slipped. Everyone's mind like oh, yeah. There was a point where the conversation was is better than LeBron because he is better on both ends of the co or he, he does play ten and given up a plan. But I do think the raptors end up winning the series like you said, they're kind of, it's kind of the same situation to star in each side, and that would not be a good point. Yeah. Oh, god. I think Milwaukee pushes back a little I, I think the raptors would be got. Got Golden State of Kevin Durant comes back has four dependable scoring. I have no faith going to come back to the vinyl. I think they've, I think they would have I think Golden State would hammer Toronto and five without Kevin Durant, if he just gave him boogie for a little thighs a little size. You think bookies sick? I, I just think Milwaukee. Yeah, here's the thing, Golden State when they face Milwaukee, it's real easy to figure out what they're going to do. They're going to put you on us at the line, and they're going to move the ball and shrink the bucks because the bucks are big, and they're going to play a tiny lineup and they're, they're gonna force Milwaukee to go small, and then it just a blowout. They're going to try to you can't take you on us off the court. But you could take every big except you on us off the court. I think Golden State's gonna chop them up Toronto, I think is complete utter mismatch, especially if Kawhi is not one hundred percent. And right now he looked fire than either way. Both of these teams are going to be fatigued going into the finals. They have had an incredible amount of rest. Nine days very, they're going to have a long series. So Kevin Durant is is known for popping back at fans on the internet, and his manager rich climate isn't bothered by it at all. In fact, he loves everything about it. How do you feel about that, that he gets in there mixing it up? Sometimes I love it. I know enough to know that, that doesn't represent anything more than what it is. And Kevin has every right to gauge and communicate and have fun and banter because he's had thirty one year old man who's built this or thirty year old man, just built this incredible enterprise from self. We have honest, conversations, but never would I call them and say, like that's such a bad thing to do for your brand. With anyone going back at fans on the internet. I do about once every couple of weeks. Yeah..

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