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They eat at least primarily carbohydrates in the form of fibre correct because fiber is a carb there some carbohydrate confusion well without a doubt walk me through that and indeed it is carbohydrate confusion because we desperately desperately need carbs. We are desperately in need of a fiber in the diet which is by definition a complex carbohydrate that we don't metabolize but is yet metabolised by our gut bacteria when we throw that baby out with the bathwater. We set the stage for not nurturing. These hundred billion organisms that live with us That really depend on your food choices. Hundred trillion depend on your food choices to nurture them to allow you to not just be healthy but be healthier to be able to combat risk of illness moving forward in other words it preventive programs so minus the simple carbohydrates and minus Sugar alcohols for example. So we want to understand that. We do need fiber. We want people to eat a lot of good fat. A lot of good fiber not a lot of Protein so a by and large though i would indicate that The more plant based is your diet the better off you will be if you choose to have a garnish of red meat. Then should fulfil the criteria. I just proposed wild fish As well Some free range chicken. You know there are multiple levels upon which we can discuss these dietary nuances directly in terms of the macronutrients and micronutrients. But the second order. Which really i think should probably the first order would be how these things are viewed through the lens of the gut organisms. If you're listening to this and you're saying well you know. I'm twenty and i'm inflamed right now in twenty years later. I'm going to have a high risk of all this stuff. It appears we can either. Fully or almost fully mitigate the problems of having inflammation when you're young as long as you undo the inflammation because that's been my own experience. My hippocampal volume is in the eighty. Six eighty seven th percentile for people my age so my brain didn't shrink. Even though i was three hundred pounds and screwed up and all the wrong stuff and had inflammation ever you can probably have inflammation and i i keep it under control really dramatically in my brain works better now than it did my twenties. But do you think. I'm still going to pay the cost of. We'll see those years of hard living for the first quarter century in my life. Well i think that there is a debt and i think that you've probably paid the debt back and and then some so. I think you've put money back in the bank based upon the things that i know you're doing now so i think you've done the damage and you're ahead of the game. You demonstrated that through your vauxhall imagery of your hippocampus as you just mentioned But the those people who do not do the work at great risk. And i'll and i'll give you another There you go so hope feel better also when people listening you can start. You can change it and i was in. I was the worst example. I think of what you could get. 'cause i of the prediabetes the high risk of stroke and heart attack high inflammation markers across a whole bunch of different things Pretty much everything bad on the list of aging other than maybe cancer. I didn't have alzheimer's better cognitive dysfunction. But just just a really really not an you stuff. So if i can get to where i am. You probably weren't as far down the hall as i was so it should take you less work than it did me but if you do the work you can get yourself to where you're actually younger than than you were before which is kinda cool just about all of the fatty plaque and people have heart disease and they found that it doesn't come from a folks it doesn't come from bader doesn't come from beef fat it doesn't even come from bacon. It comes from microbes in your gut. The evidence is in gut. bacteria are what's causing heart disease because if eat meat and you have the the wrong gut bacteria they make that. Tma oh stuff. We talked about earlier. And even if you don't have that team stuff even if you eat vegetables if you have plaque in your arteries it was made by gut. Bacteria do you believe. That's the case. I mean i believe the study. It looked well done. There's there's no way to argue with you the isotopes. They're looking at it in the stuff. But what's your take on that. How how real is it. I you know it's not the end all cause but i think that again it It really speaks to this notion that the health vitality of our And diversity perhaps the most operative word here of our gut. Bacteria is massively important determining our health destiny lowering inflammation in your body and lowering your blood. Sugar to reduce vacation of proteins is so very important. One graph That included ingrained brain and now with the new release of the revised edition. I included because it's so compelling is the relationship of a one c two brain shrinkage higher once the higher rate of brain shrinkage. It's linear you've got to know that and having a one c six when your doctor says oh. You're not diabetic. Everything's cool go home. Keep doing what you're doing that does not jive with the the science is telling us that a key mclovin once one six is good for you. That's bs you need your once down to five point two and that's pretty much a take that one to the bank one. Hello how would you go if you if you could set it as low as want it. Want to be average. I i wanna live one hundred eighty. I don't know the answer to that. But i will tell you that one thing i've learned over the years is that there is this notion of what we call the The you shaped curve or or perhaps the sweet spot where too low or the sin. Goldilocks area right. Where that once. The porridge was to goal. The porridge was too hot. And this one's just right so We know that higher once these for example are correlated to Condiment decline but You know we've been talking for years about Keeping your not just your blood sugar low but actually your insulin level. Oh.

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