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Then what they did the next week which was back to their typical starting lineup. So i will tell you this. Kevin dotson when he was in the lineup. You were looking at the steelers going over twenty points and the only game. The steelers lost with dotson in the lineup was week seventeen. So that's one thing to take from it and you're like oh yeah three one. That was weak. Seventeen numbers without ben rothlisberger and a lot of people still feel that the steelers wouldn't arrested everybody. They might have been facing a different opponent in the playoffs. Hindsight we know what it is. So that's something to think about with dotson coming back. It's really hard to judge a lot of stuff here with like big our troops because they basically played the whole time. So this was more looking at. I don't like to pick on the guy. But the steelers definitely had problems and ben rothlisberger felt like you had to throw the ball much faster when jc neighbor was in the lineup. So this offensive line for twenty twenty. One is going to really be the key. It's what is really going to come down to on this offense because one my last my last prediction for the steelers thirty predictions or thirty scenarios in thirty days on that myself a jeff hartmann did for the website. The last one i did was if ben rothlisberger has time. He's going to. He's going to push the ball deep down the field if the offensive line can give ben time. He's gonna throw it so my point. Is this week. When ben rothlisberger didn't play in twenty nineteen. We saw the throw everything short to throw everything. Short offense that the former offensive coordinator wanted to run without ben. Then then bends back and you've got a coordinated just wants to dump everything short then you have an offensive line at that late in the season was not protecting enough to give him time to throw of course is going to throw it short and now everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of ben rothlisberger. He can't throw the ball deep. Oh okay you can say if you wanna say doesn't throw it you can't throw it well or doesn't do it. Well i'll take that argument. Say he can't do it. It's not factual. I mean all you have to do is look at the second half of that indie game and watching him throwing the ball down the field because he had time so it's not that he can't and i'm not saying he did a fantastic job of it but also when you're not having the most confidence in your line we can see that and then with no running game and everything to support it so who. There's a lots to take in with this. But i wanted to break it down. He had an idea of where things kind of started to fall apart with the steelers and how things were working with the offensive line and whether or not it was exactly what the problem was or not. I think it was a big combination of things. So i don't want to just lay it on one thing but if you wanted to look at this to see what part it played there. It was so i always to say this. I've got a. I've got a question. I got an answer for next week. I just wasn't able to get all the answer to it in time for this week. Show that that. I really am looking forward to answering next week. But i'm always looking for questions at st are superfan data on twitter or st l. Are superfan dead at on the email side of things you can send me an email or message on twitter anytime asking stats question that i use on the show. Sometimes people just ask a question just to ask it to get it answered right then and i like to do that as much as i can. So makes you check it out all the audio podcasts. All hit the live shows. That's fantastic as well. That are on youtube and facebook every day. Additionally make sure you're checking out.

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