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Get close at in the car and I got about probably ten or fifteen minutes. It's from here and I got at a stoplight. And all at once distress shirt a membrane Anada started screaming and screaming. No no no and just crying and crying. Deborah called me and told me the news that same morning. I was lying on a half inflated air mattress on the floor of my new apartment. I felt a surge of heat and my chest. My hand started to shake. My immediate reaction was to work. I put together a new story about Omar and then rushed to the airport. I just started a new job. That week is reporter for Al Jazeera America and I wanted to present the piece from the main studio in Washington. DC but my flight was canceled so our producer ended up reading my report on the air. In two thousand six Omar Emami twenty-three-year-old American born and bred in Alabama left his family and his friends who joined the Islamic holy war and Somalia. Because I never made it to D. C.. Three and a half years of my life were boiled down to four minutes of copy read by somebody else to the end. Mommy was resigned to his fate and unrepentant about his his calls determined not surrender as a journalist. I'd always prided myself on getting in with so called bad guys. Hit men and skinheads and Omar. I was good at withholding judgement allowing intimacy to develop between me and my subjects. So they would feel comfortable enough to reveal to me what they might not tell anyone else Omar. It had gone further. He'd become human to me in a way that made his death confusing. I felt the loss of him He wasn't a friend but he was a person. I'd spent years trying to understand. Still I knew he had done terrible things. nomo person. It will have done what he has done. There must be something else pushing him to to go to that place and joined a group show Bob. They are pure evil. MOLLICA Abdullah had lived through decades of war in Somalia and lost dozens of friends to terrorist terrorist attacks. He made the case against Omar in very plain terms. I mean do real true Islam is the only Allah knows about Paradise in Holland. And were you gonNa go and for him to say he was gonNA be Maurier and it's just fantasies that he had this just crazy easy. Just shows you how crazy was whole thing of fighting for religion or killing on behalf of God you know Scott in until you to kill people my effort to keep Omar talking I sometimes compartmentalized the details of the violence. He had done in the name of his faith. I promised myself that that I'd come back to those details when it was finally time to report them. Now that Omar is dead though. It all jumbled together in my mind. There's this this one recording of a phone call between Omar and me like the right to do Derek that person in the call. I'm asking Omar about an execution. He said he'd been a part of what other detail question that I have from my writing we described when you had when you had to execute that guy according to sharia law. It's excruciating listen to both for what he says and for the way. I keep up this facade. That what we're talking about is somehow normal. How did you did you do it with a knife? How did you do it exactly? Yeah like on like you slightest pettus throat like how does that. How does that work I? I'm not familiar with the law nor like how one would actually go about killing one so give me if you can. You can give me a little detail helpful. We make sure that your knife is fish today. That you don't put some guy threw some crazy pain and then Make sure that tied nicely. So that like you also don't have to worry about like around in like vein and what have you so if the guy.

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