Trump's Ukraine Whistle-blower Scandal: What We Know


Secretary of state Mike Pompeii Attorney General William Barr energy secretary Rick Perry and US ambassador Gordon Sunland all have important roles in the trump administration and all had roles in the Ukraine call that was the key to the house his impeachment inquiry here to tell us more is Tim o'brien executive editor for Bloomberg opinion all the president's men are they following the leaders that what's happening here to certain extent June I mean I think the interesting issue here is you know this is old adage that those fish rots from the head and certainly the president has set a standard around financial conflicts of interest that he doesn't follow himself I think opens the door to unethical behavior or overly aggressive and ambitious behavior by the people around him having said that however all of these men are experienced adults they knew to a certain extent what they were getting into when they joined the White House so the question is why did they joined and I think that usually can be put into categories either folks wanted to get the resume stamped and instead they work at the White House or they had policy or personal goals of their own that they thought the president could serve a tax cut more conservative court deregulation it's usually one of those two baskets the problem is nobody gets off the train train without being a little bit spoiled he tends to throw people into the bus quite easily he in Broyles people in some of his own behaviors and you're seeing a lot of this now come to the fore in the in the Ukraine to buckle speak of throwing someone under the bus let's talk about energy secretary Rick Perry I don't know if Rick Perry's been fully thrown under the bus or if Rick Perry was also driving the bus when it comes to Ukraine always now understood as animating forces around the Ukraine scandal is the first is obviously the president picking up the phone and asking you cranes leader to dig up dirt on political opponents Joe Biden but the other interesting background music and here's the number of people were scrambling to get toe hold in Ukraine's energy market at the same time and they were a lobbying the Lynskey the Ukraine president to sort of play ball with them on this Rick Perry ugh long before trump picked up the phone in July in spring of last year had suggested a roster of possible US consultants who could be advisers to Ukraine on modernizing its energy sector at the same time Rudolph Giuliani when he was over there doing investigative work on the F. the president also had associates who are looking for business deals so this is a merging but you see this interesting mixture now of political skulduggery hardball politics and financial self interest where does Gordan Sunland fit in because he prior to this was a wealthy hotel operator huge trump contributor now he's involved in foreign affairs right so Gordon someone had absolutely no foreign policy experience but he did give a million dollars to president trump's campaign during the twenty sixteen race as is the norm with ambassadorships that large contribution got him the post of ambassador to the E. U. again without any deep experience and in diplomacy or European affairs the Ukraine incident rolls up any essentially it would appear from everything we see in documents is doing the president's bidding he suggesting to a a career military attache and diplomat William Taylor who is essentially the senior US diplomat in Ukraine last summer when all this was going on here's some of the things you need to do to encourage you cranes leader to understand whether that trouble play ball if you crane in Taylor to his credit keep saying is it wise for us to have quid pro quos lake military aid in exchange for digging up dirt on a political opponent and his long gap in the communication and then someone comes back and says just to be clear no is asking for a quid pro quo I think someone was was messing with things he didn't entirely understand he is now as we mentioned earlier if you ride the train train you can you can get dragged into some mock and he's now finding himself in the midst of of an impeachment inquiry and and people are trying to get his testimony secretary state Mike Pompeii of course is is one of the people who figures prominently in this whole thing he does and I and I think when you know it's a pretty straightforward series of questions I think that the secretary of state needs to answer we know now that president trump when he called Ukraine's leader July wasn't on the phone alone in fact one of the people on the phone with him was the secretary of state Mike Pompeii out however Pompeii waited about two weeks after all this broken the news before yelled up to the fact that he was on the phone there may have been innocent reasons from to be on the phone but if everyone in the White House felt the call was an above board call in there was nothing problematic with it why didn't pump pale at the public know earlier that he was on the phone but the fact is on the phone what makes me witness so any impeachment quick increased and want to know what he heard on the phone and what he assessed of the conversation when he's on a call but there's also other issues did he help prepare trump for the phone call did he suggest that trump inquire about getting dirt on Joe Biden there's a number of questions that need to be asked and then he's going to ask for things under oath we've talked before about Attorney General William Barr and many analysts say well president trump has found his Roy Cullen do you think it goes that far the Attorney General certainly keeps giving us enough information that we have to doubt his intentions and I think whether or not he's acting as the Attorney General United States or acting more like a personal attorney for the president of the United States you know we know he ran interference for the president around the mall report he had his own interpretation of the report that was at odds with what the report actually said and in this event when a whistle blower who had knowledge of what occurred on the phone call between a trump insulin ski filed a complaint and worried the crimes have been committed the C. I. A. referred this whistleblower complaint to the justice department to be evaluated and William Barr's justice department didn't look it any possible crimes they simply looked at a with another was a campaign finance violation and then they said there wasn't and they put it to rest which meant Congress and have to be notified that there was this complaint and the other issue is the whistle blower also it heard president trump preferred a bar himself as someone who could help the Ukraine's dig up dirt on Biden so you would think at that point by would have recused himself from everything around this but he hasn't it would

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