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Welcome back to America in the morning. It's eleven till health advocates are calling for lawmakers to support stronger vaccine laws amid a measles outbreak in several states. Correspondent Clayton Neville says the centers for disease control is reporting that more than one hundred twenty measles cases. So far in ten states. The CDC reports five measles outbreaks have three or more cases this measles season already in Washington state, Texas and New York, Alison Winneke is the president and CEO of the immunization partnership and says the contagious disease can spread fast. This is a local state and global issue right now in the Philippines. There's a measles outbreak over eight thousand people have the measles right now in the Philippines, and they've had about two hundred deaths from the easels, and we all know, we live in a global society. We have international airports disease. This is just a plane ride away. Doctors say measles was eliminated from the US in two thousand. But now is back Texas pediatrician Dr Albert Karumba believes preventing more cases is dependent on vaccines. The absolute most effective way of not contracting. Measles is team. United your kid. Dr Robert Sanborn with the children at risk organization is warning that online rhetoric that back scenes can harm children is a big contributor to the reemergence of measles and says it needs to end when you go to the internet, and you type in something around immunizations, you're likely to hit one of the one hundred plus websites that are focused on this extravagant deceit. That vaccines are bad in recent years. An increasing number of parents have opposed vaccinations with the belief that they can lead to autism in children theory. Dr Sanborn says is false in the medical community as a whole is saying this does not cause autism. These are one hundred percent safe advocates believe legislation should be presented that would limit. Parents ability to opt out. Out of vaccinating their children. I'm Clayton Neville. It's nine till as we check in with Robert workman. Dan, sports NBA back at it. After the all star break for the stretch run bucks up the Celtics ninety eight nine hundred seventy Goumba with thirty points. Twelve of those coming in the fourth quarter. Milwaukee improves to forty four and fourteen. That's the best Mark in the association as they head down the stretch warriors, turn back the kings one twenty five one Twenty-three three. They're the top team in the west. And of course, the defending champions Steph curry at ten three pointers wound up with thirty six points. Kevin Durant scored twenty eight and had a career high seven block shots at the other end of the court. Seventy Sixers sidestep the heat one zero six one zero to Tobias Harris head Twenty-three stepping up. His Philly was without Joel Embiid. He's out for a week with a sore knee blazers lit up the nets won thirteen ninety nine use of Chad twenty seven points and a dozen rebounds and his new backup in the pivot and his canter at eighteen and nine that is a pretty good combination. Lakers rally past the rockets won eleven one zero six coming back from down nineteen in the third quarter for the W LeBron James had twenty nine points. Brandon Ingram twenty-seven James. Fouled out with thirty keeping his streak alive at thirty two games with at least thirty points second-longest an NBA history. Not quite half way to wilt chamberlain's record of sixty five straight and the Cavaliers question the sons one eleven ninety eight Phoenix is lost sixteen straight a franchise record. They've allowed at least one hundred ten points in each of those games. I think I've pinpointed the problem in college basketball, number two, Gonzaga, paddle Pepperdine ninety two sixty four the BULLDOGS poised to move up into that number one spot after dukes loss on Wednesday number seven Michigan held off. Minnesota sixty nine sixty for a road win in the big twelve and be sorry. NHL on Thursday. The lightning edge the sabers to one in a shootout Nikita kucherov tied the game with his thirtieth goal. Then won it with a score in the tiebreaker kucherov now hasn't even one hundred points, thirty goals and seventy assists in sixty two games, fastest player to the century. Mark since Mario Lemieux did it in sixty one games twenty two years ago stars better the blues five to that ends the notes eleven game winning streak, Jamie. Benn scored twice Dallas scored four times in just over twelve minutes. Period to Ben had both of the two of his in there. The capital shade of the Maple Leafs. Three to Alex Ovechkin with a power play goal. His league-leading forty third this year and number six hundred fifty of his career just the fourteenth player to hit that number hurricanes alluded the Panthers four three wild stop a five game skid. They with the Rangers. Four to one devils. Shut out the senators four nothing thirty stops for Cory Schneider sharks blank the penguins. Four nothing to goals for Thomas hurtle and twenty six saves for Martin Jones Canadians clobbered the flyers five one predators clip the kings to one guy he's got by the connects three two in overtime and another overtime went for the Oilers as they slipped past the islanders four three. NHL? Trade deadline comes up on Monday. A swap last night the capital's picked up one of their old playoff nemesis. Carl Haglund from the kings for a couple of playoffs. A couple of draft. Choices haggling helped the penguins out the capital's a couple of times on the way to the Stanley Cup in two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen and baseball the start of the exhibition schedule yesterday almost they got an inning and a half in Arizona before the rain washed out the as and the Mariners. They'll try again today in Peoria and in the grapefruit league, the Phillies and raise go at it in port, Charlotte. That's Friday sports. All right. Six till. Next on America in the morning. Look who's buying more homes after these messages. Ask yourself if.

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