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And weather first now from the lafontaine chevrolet weather center national weather service issuing a severe thunderstorm warning for makombe and oakland county is these are northern portions of makombe in oakland county until three o'clock this afternoon high winds and hail are possible in connection to this moving storm checking wall street right now the dow is up seventeen points the nasdaq is off poor teen i'm marie osborne wjr news our next update is coming up at six to thirty they're the topics everybody's talking about for your drive all join us for the guy gordon show after rush at three the the so so get this somebody is a russianato you don't really need to get a tv show if you want trump to hear what you say just go on fox friends and sit close the ainsley earhardt can't miss you my said you know that's something that link of them trump swimming tv guy what we need to do is get the rush limbaugh on his fall solely can.

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