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A Cumulus station Churches Russia's sanctions I'm Mike moss prosecutors. In New Mexico suspect a man found a compound. With eleven starving children was trading the kids to be school shooters. Correspondent Scott MacLay these people have not been charged with conspiracy to commit school shooting with, training young people. Anything like that this is just one singular point in a document and. A charging document the, suspects Saddam washers the father of a missing three year old police also found remains on the grounds, of the compound but haven't been able to determine yet if they are the remains of the boy will harsh was arrested last week with, four other adults all facing child abuse charges in preparation for unite. The right rally one year after a similar rally turned violent and, deadly, in Charlottesville Virginia the state director, of emergency management Jeff stern says officials are getting ready, to governor north Tom effective three o'clock today, has, proactively declared that a state of emergency exists for the Commonwealth of Virginia that. Will put hundreds more police. On the streets of Charlottesville to keep. The peace upstate New York congressman Chris Collins his. Son and another man are facing charges of insider trading and lying. To the FBI Jeffrey Berman is the US attorney for the southern district of New York, FBI asked to. Interview him and instead of telling the truth he lied and so did. Cameron Collins and so, that Stephen czar ski by lying to the FBI they compounded they're insider trading crime with the crime, of criminal cover up the US is imposing new sanctions on Russia for using a nerve agent and the attempt to kill a former Russian, spy political opponent of Ladimir Putin in England the SEC is looking. Into Elon Musk's Twitter claim that he was looking to take tesla, private, a tweet that caused a significant, boost and tesla stock value on Wall Street the Dow Down Forty-six SNP up one I'm. Mike moss When,.

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