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Percent off mac walden reinventing men's basics next item up we have corolla to is apparently development was basically everyone returning so. That's cool. I guess right. Yeah it's it's it's fine. It's fine you like more. That i guess it's a story run. My damn i needed so much more kerala but just it's another one where like you know how we talked about that. I think with the noble homes. Ru- i watched that movie and i was like i. I would like to see another no homes movie. I didn't watch corolla and damn. I can't wait to watch a sequel but i mean i do think that there's people who wanna get paid making this. I'm all for that. Yeah i mean the first one was enjoyable enough that i think this next one could be enjoyable I it's not. It's not particularly exciting for me. I didn't love a liked watching the first one. But i wasn't like watching like i need more of this. This is what i need more of But they'll figure out some way to make it work in. i'll watch it. And i'm sure i'll like it and they'll just keep doing it into perpetuity. That's okay do think disney like. I'd rather see this them. Try to do another john. Carter of mars like ten years ago. That was their strategy. Was like we're gonna make two hundred million dollar Moonshot movies and now they figured it out. It's like hey no the stuff people are like well. Just keep doing that. And you don't want to get into the thing we always get into the but it's it's also like surprising right you. You kind of knew like when they came out and it was getting like seventy percent reviews or whatever is getting a they're going to do crew elegant it will be interesting to see see what metrics disney sees that like helps them decide like in his past environment like weather. Something i mean obviously like who purchased how many people purchase the twenty nine ninety nine like.

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