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Then actually it just was a soldier Boy Song. Yeah renaming it. Donald like fifty cent into club. And then it would just be soldier. Boy Yeah those usually every song if you try to download a Beatles Song it was It was use sociable. Seeing would just be like crank that yes so I guess maybe Internet one point. I was in the exact phrase four put. I would say just less sarcasm. Cynicism in the Internet and less like everything is the worst in. We're all GonNa die and everything leads back to politics. That's what I'm trying to bring back Road getting away from global dimming is what you're getting at but we need to at least be aware of it so. I appreciate you doing that trying to educate people. I don't know it might also be another hoax. I'm very I'm prime to get hoax by somebody right now. Yeah Yeah. The hawks are are going everywhere right now. Cunanan is has really sunk their teeth into this entire thing. Would you say that Internet one point zero was like you log onto rotten dot com and then boom funeral million? Yes yes something. Like that like where. It's there's definitely parts of at one point where you would definitely see more dead bodies than Internet two point. Oh because they have the filters yet. The quality has one hammer. I'm like a season detective in TV drama. And then all these kids that are starting to get into the Weird Web mcnew guys over in the corner puke and he can't handle right exactly all right. Let's get to our interviews. We got Danny woodhead coming up first before we do that. A word from our good friends new sponsor which I've been waiting for us to be able to talk about its death. Wish coffee death wish coffee in the seemingly never ending locked down the world is going through. It's hard to stay motivated especially when you're supposed to be working from home but thanks to the people death wish coffee makers of the world's strongest.

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