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Even better i thank you for for saying all of that in uh i said before the my egos dancing now may goes uncomfortable and um you know and then went when when your ego gets hard get a little sloppy enough of this tired now i need to take it what i would close with his justice notion that tom i have been helped by so many wise puke on my life and if i could just pay them back by helping somebody else i mean i know it sounds and the anti give whatever the hell and would it's like the minute you say things like that like the picture my therapist pops into my head who's 93 rain a woman i work with for so many years or auntie pemba children or uh sharon salisbury worker you do parka palmer these these people whose writings in their presence have reached in and said here's a hand here's a way out on you know some was asking me this morning you how do i pay you back i said just keep paying it forward air you know when when i'm dustin i'm dried up and i'm dead whatever please just keep paying it forward great answer oh thanks for doing this no thank you for doing this if you enjoyed this episode gutter reboot dot gov slash podcast to listen to all three seasons of our podcast conversations and leaves a review and i tips that's the best way for other people to find enjoy the show just as you have done and don't forget to join our mailing lists at reboot dot ieo slash sign up to you never miss an episode.

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