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In our community in the last fifty years when you had the menards and on depots come in how many family on lumber yards did we know there was a lot right on the street the ruth some superior you know you go back in the days of gary the baiters there's all kinds of different families that owned them they're all business you can't compete you start doing that with pharmacies sir tune that with everything else what line of business can you going or you're not worried about largest second third richest guy in the world coming in and going into your business munster law number while handy and he came in and brought them but yeah that's about right remember munster lumber hap lutely highland lumber right down the street now that's a housing complex and the last thing he did when he sold the properties you had to buy property yet by his equipment we do work over there he's a dave couzy akane lack whose we got a couple of local things here i'd like two review here and i want is in the times today and hamon the mayor atomic term it's coming up here in a little bit i'm sure he's gonna talk about this and i he sent out a enyimba press release yesterday it is basically saying that it was the l p r a plate readers that helped cats this guy who is uh accused of terrorising the state line area for awhile in cana culminates in a stealing the jewelry and sexually assaulting an easy one year old woman mcdermott said in a news release the license plate reader cameras are located at every major entry and exit points in hammond dubbed by the city officials is quote the hammond blue nath the system is designed.

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