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Let's say I was introduced introduced nick road by living off and then I hit it off like instantly. One day I was with him and at the Beverly Hills Hotel And he had a meeting with Producer type and he said wait out here. And here's the script might want you to read it. You can read this while I'm in the meeting and So I thought okay so I was reading it with nothing in mind except just to read it. I I read the script Nixon the meeting for our two. I'm reading the script and it was really great. I loved it and when he comes out he said well what did you think I said. Oh it's fantastic. You need to do this movie us as great and he said. Do you want the part art. I'm like yes And then that was before anyone was cast that before there was any money or you know any production the money any production office. Nothing and I was just hired just then in there and it was so I got to watch the whole process process of this thing getting off the ground and The cast being hired. And you know wonderful behind the scenes stuff. Have you ever had that experience before. The first one higher for a project Now I don't think so. That was just a lucky lucky. Lucky break I got to watch everything as it unfolds that you know and it unfolded fairly quickly and it was the first time on all British Crew to Nick Rob you know as an established director in England so he had his people you know that he wanted to work with and they brought the a home All of his people n from England so it was all British crew now is great. Do ever worked with that much makeup before. Because I know that you go through a pretty amazing transformation and the film they call it a appliances and they do them so much. You know. They're so much more realistic today. Like you know inanity Murphy plays on a his character. You can't even tell and everything seems to move you've so well you know the rubber and the latex but I had never worked with that many appliances you know the neck the cheeks the hands and all the Glynn and it would just I. I spent a couple of weeks in that make up and I tallied up my out hours every redel right down my hours of just spending time in the chair and The turtle was ninety six and a half hours. I've just been glued and and hovered over and made up and and once you've got that make up on. They tell you you I try not to use your mouth. You know much because it was start cracking around the lips and the cheeks and all of that and so so I would tell her when you know. Don't marry laugh. Don't laugh and I had to drink through a straw. You know it was. It was a challenge. It was really fun and I thought that You know I came across it really. Did you know the aging aging and that film was we had to keep track of time because David boies character never aged and so every senior like how many years have passed. You know so you would kinda know anti Yeah it was very complicated but it was Much Fun and in David and I had a lot of dialogue and by then I'd gone to acting classes so I know a little better of how to you know. Make a character and all that but David Bowie was wonderful to work with and he was a hard worker he liked to rehearse. And we'd be working on one seeing you know. Oh shooting wants him back then you know at lighting and all that was it was real film so It took a long time to light and set up up and they've had to put down Dolly tracks and stuff like that which would be very time consuming now with the steady cam and and with digital cameras as is not as much down time as it used to be but When we were doing a scene like Ping simpons thing? You know we would be doing that but on our brakes which were many and they had to rely and re locate all the lining. We'd these you know sitting on the floor. Run in the next scene the lines for the next thing so we were always like one scene ahead getting it perfectly memorized so You know came out smooth and like real conversation but I thought David who was so beautiful at that you know as skin is translucent and his hair was I mean it was just gorgeous person and I was really lucky that I had never seen him in concert. So I wasn't impr- you know I was. He was just another actor but after the movie was over shot a got invited to one of his concerts became like a groupie. Oh my God you know. I was a totally different scene. And I was so happy that I hadn't hadn't had been influenced by you. Know his being on stage because then it went up. I've been a little more. I Dunno referential or something. Take me a little more good guy but I was glad I never been to concerts until after in that case. It's like the shoes a little bit on the other foot because by this time you're the experienced sector and this is one of his first roles. Well he had other roles but He was really into the character he loved the script and he was very respectful of the script. And I mean we didn't really we. You didn't change any dialogue. It was as written by Paul Mars Burke and the the dialogue was so beautifully written and the responses in the back and forth. That you did not you. You did not want to change anything because it was perfect and my and mine and I think David's David. David is a big reader to and so am I so we knew we know good riding when we read it when you're jumping back and forth in time so much at least in the the the movie as I watch it. Were you shooting that in order you also shooting that out of order I think The scenes were determined by the location nation. You know so all the things that were done at that kind of Japanese the house. We're all done at once and you know it's all all determined by the locations. Is it true that you're also the alien woman as well I am I asked. It's a play the life on the planet and also I played David Bowie thing. I heard about that. How did that happen? At the time. He wouldn't didn't fly. He was very superstitious about flying and So there was a scene where he's coming out of his characters coming out of the world enterprises Office building and Since he wouldn't fly volunteered. I'll go to New York and but So that's me when his costume and I have on a Little Red Wig and I'm walking out of the office building and into a Limo And I had a little barricade setup but there wasn't a lot of people watching us but the few that were watching. They're saying there's David Bowie. There's there's David Bowie and I'm like yes. I fooled him. But you know our job. Lines were not alike so I and that scene I have my hand ended up to my job my chant as I'm walking tasks 'cause I knew you know he has a man John Line and I don't itself so I just try to cover up that make up for being the alien. I mean that was before they had perfected contact. Lenses and stuff severely hurt. No well. I'M A I've been wearing contacts since the sixties hard lenses to this day so it was a no no big deal although we did kind of have a little bit of a crises and We couldn't see through them because they were painted. But some sort of maybe oil base taint Into those cats so there was no pupil hole or anything and then they put over that some of the urethane or Vera. Thing to feel it and So you could not see through them so you were really working blind and you had to be guided by the director. Okay a move this way turn that way go straight go straight okay. Slow down you know and So you see us. We're coming down a hill of sand and the customer had put us in these plexiglass shoes with a high Soul may not clear plastic plexiglas. And we had those on to make us look like I. I guess she wanted us to look like we were floating down the hill which is a great effect but they were like skis. We couldn't wear so we had to wind up walking barefoot but yeah We tried those David Hammer likes Liden and like you know it was like impossible but we had these tanks on our backs with a pink water than the tanks hoses were springing lakes. And we're out in the white sands of Alamogordo and You know it was the costumes. Were this real thin thin Dan Stretchy fabric that was pretty much see through although it. You don't see much on film but when you're standing there and in the thing is getting wet you know and nobody cared you know. They'd seen US naked before so I there's like more of the same but yeah it was Really Yeah I like playing the wife on the planet and you know. His help never arrived. Jason you know we die out there me and the kids and we had a little hologram. That was one of the first. holograms that It is in a film you know you really couldn't see it but you kind of see and I'm holding up this plastic thing that's called Hologram and back then that was real cutting edge edge but As it was amazing adventure and we were in New Mexico for a couple of months fabulous place. How did took it into that head space of that complete breakdown after you see him as the alien that day where where I I'm going Tommy Tommy? You know. I'm like waiting in bed and I'm painting my nails anyway. And we're knocking on the door. And I've Kinda goofing around and going Tommy can you hear me. You know. Just been stupid between takes that day he got at six. David got sick so when they opened the door all. That was there with the camera and cameraman David. Bowie was not there. I just had to pretend kindy was there and I had to pretend that I'm seeing my boyfriend. Has He really is for the first time. And I was in an Improv class and There was a this was an idea that I stole from another actor. That was in an Improv class. Where the actor actor got scared and for a split second? His feet were on the wall. He was suspended and then if he came down. I thought that looks neat. So when I the the character Newton for the first time as he really is I thought I will see him and throw myself back and behind me was a wall and a bookcase and I would just be projected back. You know like just by force fear and I just would throw myself back over and over again and then So I was really bruised up the backs of my arms and my legs but it was effective and then I was the characters in the script runs into the bathroom and throws up. That's how it was written but I drank. There's this thing called EPA CAC which is a a medicine to make you throw up if you've been poisoned or something so I drank this if attack and we're waiting around for it to take us back because I really wanted.

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