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Democrat party is the Socialist Party and may be worse voters are making a mass exodus from that party and we are welcoming them to the Republican Party well I and if you want to talk about what he what he means there you know they've been tracking at these rallies a bread parts gill who is the campaign chairman has done some amazing work they even to get a ticket to one of the president's rallies you have to go online and register and they ask you a couple of basic questions hundred sixty thousand plus people requested tickets to this rally in Wildwood New Jersey last night that's the most of any trump rally ever by the way only seats about ten maybe ten thousand people some say seventy five hundred so there were a lot of people outside who were trying to get a wish they could be inside but was a raucous crowd outside but when they when you register of these tickets they find out little things about yeah and they use that to figure out who's in the crowd they can tell by previous trump rallies go back to just before thanksgiving in Florida he had a rally twenty five percent of the people there were Democrats or independents eighteen percent of them are people of color go to another rally in Pennsylvania some thirty five percent were Democrats or independents Michigan same sort of thing they need the pattern just repeats itself where he goes he did a rally in Ohio Toledo Ohio and over forty percent of the people in the crowd were Democrats or independents and some five to six thousand of those people did not vote in the last presidential election so he's not only getting converts from the Democrat party he's bringing people out they didn't vote in the last election so this is huge I can't wait to hear what the numbers are for this New Jersey rally not usually a state that votes for a Democrat president every day for Republican president okay did vote for George H. W. bush way back when but most recently as always but Democrats of always one that state in the presidential race so it'll be interesting saving flip it I think this is going to be very surprising election for a lot of these pundits that continue to be never trappers to continue to be trump haters just because they don't like orange man they say orange man bad and they don't like Donald Trump because he's too brash they don't like him because he's not a conventional cop politician you know like him because he's draining the swamp and sorry guys this is what we advertise he was going to do this we set all the through the campaign and people absolutely love it the other thing you talk about last night was the border wall let's listen to cut deep last night Wildwood New Jersey this wall is going up at record speed and we just reach over one hundred miles of wall and.

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