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Better bring back Paul McCartney. Yeah. There you go. Good call. But anyway, this is the baby's not the Bombay. So I'm gonna stop slagging. I'm going to say this. You know, here's a team. They everybody kicked them all year. I heard from Stanford LARs and the whole crew but other house that they are with David Shaw hate everything. He rolls into the big game. People like me on the forecast say it's cows years aim here and just quietly and clinically Stanford gets home baby status for winning the big game for the ninth year in a row. It was Cameron's. It was scarlet the running back who ran for two touchdowns pulse. A debut had one of the great interceptions. You ever want to see the one hated pick in the end zone. They say they'll be talking about it for years. He's only a freshman. In the meantime, Stanford gets the humvee Stanford gets the axe. And here's a little sound from the game. And then Cal coach Justin Wilcox lamenting the loss. Second two from the Forty-six Wilson in motion left to right Castillo to throw looking right now comes back left screen it to scarlet he's got a block at the forty camera to the open field. Thirty twenty one man gets a blocked. Touchdown cardinal. What a play design from Stanford. We have not seen that all season two thirty two remaining. So Stanford can't take it. Knee got to play it out. Here. Trying punch it in. And off scarlet bright side walks into the end zone. Forty back breaking touchdown setup. One because many everybody just kicked him again. They know we had opportunities and that stings, but we've grown this year as a team on and off the field, and that's important. And there's not a ton of time that you can tell them right now, it's gonna make anybody feel better. But it's the truth. And we're gonna meet again is a team tomorrow. So they're all going to be tough for the next twenty four hours. Well, I'll tell you what that was Justin Wilcox, and you know, what it was only tough for a little while. Because guess what Cal got Bonnie Jill Polly abolish? It's the go to the cheese at bowl.

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