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And rattle and roll was off the pace that day, kind of got shuffled back a little bit, but came with a strong run galloped out well and just looked like the kind of effort that would set him up for a big run second off the layoff. Now he's three to one on the line. I'm going to need at least that price to want to gamble on him because of the somewhat murky pace scenario, but I think rattle and roll is set for a big effort and I will take my chances with it from off the pace. It is tricky to figure out the pace in here. It doesn't seem like you have many horses in this race that consistently want to find themselves on the front end. You have a lot of horses that like to sit second and third in their races, but not many to really set up what I would call a speed duel. And I think that's going to be essential for a horse like rattling roll, who's going to be coming from far back trying to pick up the pieces late. Absolutely. Looking it over, trademark was a horse that went to the lead in his first start off the layoff for Vicki Oliver and the grade three challenger, but that was all for freshening. A lot of times horses are keen and likely to show more speed. And he was also drawn along the inside now with Rafael bayardo jumping back aboard. I wouldn't be surprised if he kind of tries to stock. You've got call me fast who normally is involved early on, but the blinkers come off for Michael Pulitzer and he legs up Julian le Peru, which both of those things scream out that they're going to try a little bit of new tactics here. But you do have pioneer of Medina along the inside would be surprised if he's getting aggressive ride Skippy longstocking and tactical speed. And then the wild card is tawny port who hasn't shown much early speed in his career, but the blinkers go on and I know the barn has talked about in the chema notes that they're hoping to show a little more speed, get them a little bit more into the array. So we'll hope rattle and roll can get an honest race shape to set up as late run and you can get the job done as probably the second or third choice. Okay, let's recap the twins fires triple play for this week from Scott Shapiro in race two at keenland. He's going to go with number one ghostly girl and odds of 5 to two in race four Scott. You'll take number 6 greener pastures, your long shot play at 12 to one, and in race 9 the Ben ally, you'll go in number 5 rattle and roll. It odds of three to one. Again, we'll encourage people to head over to twin spires dot com to make those wagers and they can play those races any way they like, take your information, throw your information out, whatever they want to do. But I'm going to tell you, they do that at their own peril. Well, we had a good run of it on Louisiana Derby day when I was the endorser of one norm, Cassie, as you said it, and I'm hoping endorsing briner named dish junior and Kenny mcpeek works similarly later on today. All right, brother, well, good luck there. Anything in particular from twins fires the folks need to make sure they keep an eye on over the course of the next couple of weeks leading into The Kentucky Derby. Well, there's going to be a number of Kentucky Derby promos, including some best money back opportunities that are always fun. I think throughout much of the weekend, there's going to be a out capping the tipster type promotion on opening day at Churchill downs and then I believe the Kentucky, there's a number a couple of keenland promos as well. Just go to the twins fires dot com offers page to keep up every day with what they have going on here at twin spires and remember to opt into those promotions before you get involved. All right, it's got always appreciate the time. It's fantastic information. Good luck with those three plays today and good luck over the next couple of weeks. If I don't talk to you, I'm sure I'll see you over at Churchill, but if I don't talk to you, good luck on Derby day too. Thanks, Mike, look forward to running into you and have a great weekend here before we get that much closer to Derby one 49. All right, it's got Shapiro with this week's twin spires. Triple play three races, you can keep an eye on and bet at twin spires dot com. When I come back, Kurt Becker takes you on his weekly stroll through racing history and coming up at ten 30, Dale and Tim will both be here. Del Roman's Tim wilkin for this week's edition of I ask they answer. Stay with me. This is the equine form, presented by twin spires on H, race

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