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Com vote now which is a wet one so does it been awhile since we've had rain and it seems like people forget how to drive in the rain on newsradio one thousand Katie okay a four oh one thousand Lee Mathews Katie okay dot com do you know we've got an election coming up in Oklahoma City only so if you live in Norman more any the outside area you're not going to vote on this but it's coming up on the tenth of December and I will be here before you know it that's a Tuesday special election for maps for wait a minute I thought we just voted on maps three valued at it yeah we did and it passed and everything that we were promised and maps three is being built and from what I understand is paid for maps for is going to ask you to keep the sales tax because the sales tax was supposed to sunset after a few years and so the question will be should we keep that sales tax and use it for other stuff and people have already lined up with their hands out some people on a multi use facility specially the soccer team some people want mental health clinics in various parts of the city I black that idea quite honestly some people want a new animal shelter which I wouldn't say no to now for the record I don't have a dog in this fight because I don't live in Oklahoma City proper I don't like paying more sales taxes especially if those sales taxes don't have a return on their investment I have yet to determine whether or not the street cars have a return on investment I will tell you it doesn't look good right now every time I see them I don't see anybody else I love the return on investment we're getting with some of the walking trails I love some of the things that have been done downtown Bricktown et cetera I think our whole downtown midtown area is revitalized because of maps but should we this is this will be the question you'll be asked on December tenth should we keep that tax I'm also thinking that people in the city government there are looking for us was a slight turn out they don't want there to be a big turnout they want people to forget about this and they wanted to pass Lynne Reitz leave free market business means profit and success or they don't survive government on projects however never have to make a profit because you the taxpayer are always there to bail them out if they fail like the street cars or the river sport park this city can always go back to the general fund or they can raise your taxes again which is his big land what seems to be happening or at least keeping the tax going so it doesn't sunset that's the thing that bothers me you know the taxes supposed to sunset then let at sunset Caroline says maps was I say not used as an adverb as advertised the others were spent on schools only to have those schools shut down sidewalks that have been put in only this year private business built and to be maintained with public taxpayers money the brain child of Braun Norick Mick cornett Mary Fallin and a few others David Boren the came to comes to mind as well I plan on voting no on maps for and then Colin rights ha ha everyone in this group is just trying to make themselves relevant with nothing to real to talk about please tell me anything positive in Oklahoma City development that isn't a by product of maps this is silly laughing out loud and calling you got a point I mean there is a certain amount to be said business development is going to need the help of taxpayers an example is we probably would not have a bass pro shop in Bricktown had we not revitalized Bricktown we probably would not have a trader Joe's if we had not changed our liquor laws say that the same with cosco in fact I know for a fact cosco was not going to come until we change the liquor laws and it seemed to me they wait is November one last year that they broke ground and I thought they'll never have that thing and they had it up in two months boom now I wish whoever builds the cosco's and the and the on cues go to work for the for the road department dot they seem to have a hard time building anything in the time well I can't say that they build it they usually come in under bed I mean I'm sorry they usually come in early so they get a big bonus out of it but your thoughts a four oh one thousand leave at these on newsradio one thousand Katie okay to join in the conversation and the Sunland testimony that happened today first of all let's let's go over who ambassador Gordon psalm one is he was an ambassador for the United States to the European Union soul the fact that the U. crate and that Ukraine was going to or trying to become a part of the European Union fell in to his purview and he has been in testimony in the basement as they say several times now and has contradicted himself well today was the day that he was supposed to set everything straight did he and it didn't I mean I if the words were not out of his mouth when Democrats were scuttling out of that hearing room to try to spend it in their favor we'll get into that you can tell me which.

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