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Welcoming Jose Ortiz who is a native of Puerto Rico and his one more than nineteen hundred races in what has been just a a stellar career and that career still going strong and he's with me now here on H. R. N. Jose Good Morning My friend Mike give having yeah. Thanks for taking a little time. I know you're a busy working horses. This morning. Never ends does it does not if you want to be the best which right now you certainly are my friend Brendan. You know it's interesting. I mentioned being a native of Puerto Rico one of the jockeys who mentored you when you came here and one of the people that you looked up to is his hall of Famer Johnny Velazquez who last week set the record for most greatest stakes victories by jockey in the history of the sport and that has to make you very proud. I know that yeah yeah we are happy about it and it keeps going throwing you know hopefully he can give winning some more on winning out much again until you know until heater dyers what makes him so good then you got a lot of these. Atlanta for the sport and I think that having taken to the next level where he's been for awhile you know yeah he certainly he's been doing it for a long time and still doing it at a very high level. How many great stakes victories are you behind him now. I don't know I have made the way to go yeah one day well that win yesterday and the Phoenix was impressive. This is a horse. You've you've been on before you knew him. You get back aboard him yesterday and he's able to hold off Whitmore who was putting in that late run. Take me through the race Jose. Well we broke. We broke very good. expect expecting a much faster pace but they did in in came out of five dollars. I thought they would and I was able to be closer than I than I thought. I was going in two weeks so I think that well We have a very pain trip when I ask him to. Well what they're for me the whole time. You know he's a horse worse by intimacy if that when you were riding him last year and even this year at Saratoga he was trained by Chad Brown now he's trained by Steve Asmussen. Ah when you were riding him before he was always knocking on the door but he couldn't quite get past horses like promises fulfilled you yesterday you beat him and everybody everybody else. Is there a difference. Did you feel something different now with engage than you did last year. He always been a ah very nice or worse. I think some more mature before others on. I think he'd take a while but I think he finally figured out you know. Did you know that Moore was gaining on your yesterday. I didn't knew what Whitmore Kabaya fell somebody coming out. You can tell yeah I could yeah. Did you know you had enough left in the tank. He very game he always has been and I knew what GonNa try but you know something this all horrors you know he's just turned four so there's all live orders season and they are very good. You know they they come in. They coming at you like wait Marino. He's very nice or you know that win. In the Phoenix was part of a Multi Win Day on opening day of Keeneland then you you've had several days in your career where you've won multiple races like that. I asked you what makes John Velazquez so good. What makes Jose Ortiz so good. I don't let somebody out of that. Answer that question. I guess right to be myself on gave that horses the best chance to win but you also worked very hard I mentioned you're out working in horses this morning. I know you're being humble and and that's what's part of makes you part of. What makes you so good but Jose you work your tail off and put me the in in the saddle with you for minute if you will if I can use that term take me through like your routine in your approach to riding races. How do you get ready to go out there. Every day and ride was everything star on the when the overnight comes up so I have to see we shorts on on quantum there I go the R F and and they got the raises and I put him whatever I think they should be and you know I have to talk to a trainers on and follow their their instructions but at the same time I want to I want her to be relax and that's that's what I try to be happy and I think they control and relaxed. We'll give you a running the end of it yeah you know. Johnny will always tell tell me about his different plans that he has going into the starting gate the plan a plan b the Plan C. and you hope you don't have to get any further than that but once the gates open you can listen to the trainers instructions all day long but once the gates open things can change quickly right very quickly. What do you you do at that point. Do you say Oh my God. I gotTa follow his instructions or do you say I just gotTa. Let my instincts takeover in and try to ride this race the way it needs to be ridden now so you've got to let your instincts they over because it's very tough to execute a plan when their plan doesn't work from from the gate you know. Yep You gotta change everything so I think you just gotTa Julia uh-huh. Yeah everything you could do everything changes in and you just have to adjust and that's why I've always said you know jockeys in terms of there's always that debate are jockeys true athletes athletes and I think you know I've said for years but pound for pound jockeys the most gifted athletes that we find in all sports and I have no doubt about it and you're certainly right there Jose. Let's talk about the horses that you're going to be aboard today. You're in all of the great stakes races at keeneland which is to be expected matter of fact. Thank you might be riding every single race at keeneland today. nice to be in demand extravagant. Kid is a horse. You're going to be aboard in the WOODFORD stakes. That's is the first greatest stakes today. What can you tell me about. Extravagant kid very nice hard. I had the opportunity to ride him. One time before and we won he's doing very good very fox. Horse doesn't need to be on the late which is very helpful full on way like junkets. Today we think is very life so right to win all right and then in the next race in the TC a talked to me and I think I'm saying that name correctly but talk to me the horse. You're going to be aboard there. You've been aboard her. The the last two starts second last time out in the Press Kyle downes master stakes on September sixteenth. Tell me a little bit about her. It's very nice to write very easy last time. She has run very very very good. we are expecting seeming to or better than last two times. I think she got shut all right and then the first lady turn our attention there you go to the first lady stakes miss bad behavior for Richard. Balta says the Horse Year aboard. What do you know about her. I won on her Kentucky Down She got some sleep but he's he's also stayed on the race so let's see how they're they're in writing about her because she he doesn't need elite. Also g come come on. We gotta go pole so let a break and make sure shade in a winning position I during your yeah how much different is writing this keeneland turf of course then of course like Kentucky Downs Kentucky down says the undulating up and down configuration. How much different is it run getting more like we do every day. You know saying Kinda you you know over same thing by Kentucky different. Go Up and down left right so I think in Kentucky and it's all about the horse like it you WanNa be okay. It doesn't like nothing you can do about like well. Let's hope that this bad behavior likes the keeneland turf course later today in the classroom breeders futurity Max Field for Brendon. Walsh is the second time that Brendan will give you a leg up in a greatest stakes today. Tell me about Max field. You went on him last time out to very nice coat a win first time out very nicely actually that day a he was a speed favor drug. Nobody was coming from behind and he did which is very impressive to me so I think we have something here. We got very nice coats so hopefully put it together and stay undefeated talk to for to all right and the last one admission office This is a horse who you road last year but haven't been on them for the last four starts you get back aboard admission office and that is in the the shad while Turf Mile. Tell me about him. What you remember about writing him before is on very cool hope to ride very easy going on to be honest? I love him. I think we had a huge show the winds along really how come because I think he's is a nice source if their truck come from behind and here something other threats you about to rush these sorts. BEC- they're stretchy short here. I wouldn't have to we go. We got our loan stretching so I think it was the drug I mean he. He did alright at one eight zero. He don't good with Y'all yup so he's got big right now. You can tell what what makes Jose Jose Ortiz so good. He knows every race that these horses have run before he gets aboard and he did indeed win. Three starts back at Keeneland in the spring which Joel Rosario Dario Award winning an allowance race getting up by neck and admission office the Horses Jose will be aboard in today's Shell Turf Mile Jose. I know it's a busy morning. I know you've got horses assist works. I won't keep you thank you so much for spending a little time. Congrats on all your success. My friend and I'll look forward to catching up with us. We make our way to Santa Anita in about a month. Mike thank you.

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