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Either in the domain that you have cited or something, so if it is a matter of how you see yourself positions. For your future, then I believe that these useful, and if you can finish it, finish it. But. It's so. But even if you don't finish it, okay, yes, life is not over there. We be manual, poor -tunities and other possibilities that you can Follow and actually my messages be open and look for opportunities this. This is my message. Who was that? Be Open for on this and take care of your mental champs. That's that's these things I almost want to stop this. The first Broadway now 'cause that's awesome. Advice and I just wanted to see one one different one other thing looping back to something we said before nowadays in in you know. In Two thousand twenty universities have offices that can help you beat with mental health beat with career counseling. Counseling tailoring your CV doing You know mock interview, so find resources around you in university that can help you clear those doubts and those that excited that you can have right now. That will be the only thing I would add to what the Tina said, which which was excellent. Yes, I totally agree because there are these resources now it is a pity not to use them excellent, so we'll take a little break, and then we'll come back to hear about what came after Tina Story. If you preparing to launch a podcast, you may be asking yourself what hosting platform to use. I launched pop up on Blueberry. Because I wanted to professional service that would interface with my wordpress website that would robustly broadcast Papa PhD to all platforms, and that would allow me to grow my podcasts in years to come. If. You're starting serious podcast project. Do consider one of the first podcasting hosts out there. Offering state of the art services including.

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