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So as we mentioned up top, we are now deeper into our podcast where you know. Maybe this wasn't your first choice or maybe it was. But in either case, why did you choose this episode to talk about today? Oh, it is. Because like everything was crossed out and on the list, and I was like going through stuff. And I was like which one do I really like, and I was trying to think of like jokes. And then I went, oh, yeah. There's a bunch of jokes. I like in this one. Yeah. I don't I don't even really have a favorite necessarily. But it's the ones everyone likes. I'm not special. I don't have like. Oh, wow. What a great poll. It's all the same. What is your relationship generally with the Simpsons? Oh, it's like the that this Saturday alive and everything was like though for like, oh my God funny. It's funny. The greatest thing and repeating jokes to get. There was a kid. I knew who couldn't watch the Simpsons and try to tell him jokes. And I think it was really bad to not have him. Listen. But like, I would tell. Let's tell your mom about this funny joke, and maybe she'll let you watch. It didn't work. Got some early performing kind of experience. And I'm sure yeah. Like, yeah. Of course, I was performing jokes. Yeah. I think for sure it was like, obviously, many people learn like references from it. And then years later, actually know what the references finally mean. But yeah, there was just it was I was obsessed with it. I realize now watching watching a couple of years probably I realized that so many of the jokes with grandpa are. So mean, just very mean and like, but those are very funny still like the CIA the joke. I think is the Grandpa's coming to the wedding. And they say, I don't know he just got his RSVP at a check to the gas company. So funny. It's so mean, so I think maybe as a kid I liked all that mean humor a lot. So I do like grandpa stories, and he's very funny character. So Josh have an adoration and respect that they have for elders both like older kind of gruff voice actors specifically. But the reason the Simpsons kind of is so masterful is that they have twenty different types of old people Jasper is very different from Monty burns. And in this case, we realized that differences between Abe and Monte and even. Just the fact that like a and Jacqueline are being put together simply because they're old and lonely March has hard time finding out like finding any commonalities that they could even have, you know. And I think shows like okay, like they might be making fun of it. But they could still understand like they're humans that just didn't tie, right. How I refer to adults when I'm just like we're really just kids that haven't died yet. Say this all the time. It helps me empathize with assholes in front of children though. Well, they should just try to keep from dying in that should be their one and only priority but back to this. So sent me that we like to do. I don't know if this is a full blown segment, I'm calling it that a segment we liked to do on this show is that we like to for people that haven't watched this episode. A while we like to read the synopsis from Wikipedia ice cold could be good could be bad. Usually. It's usually bad in the episode..

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