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Nine Jane Metzler president trump briefing reporters on the impact of the corona virus at a news conference that wrapped up a short time ago after about an hour the president announcing this country's first fatality unfortunately one person passed away overnight she's a wonderful woman a medically high risk patient in her late fifties four others are very ill that patient from Washington state health officials in Seattle holding a news conference in about an hour Washington governor Jay Inslee issuing condolences to the victim's family suggesting that patient was a man also saying stepped up precautions are being taken to prevent the illness from spreading president trump saying much the same thing now banning travel to Iran issuing elevator travel warnings to Italy and South Korea after the worst week on Wall Street since two thousand eight fox is John decker asked the president about steps the fed may take to stem the financial impact of the corona virus in this country and I think if it is a very important role and especially psychological I mean if you look at the the fed has a massive impact lots of it is psychological and lots of it as fact it is just something I think they should have done even beyond this and before this the president also talked about the peace deal signed today between the U. S. and the Taliban had very successful negotiations with think they'll be successful in the end the other side's.

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