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Your cheap eu is just the in like it is it to now is it three now is four now five and bay and finally somebody gets it right six usually it's years six but by then mercer mostly is run by the up cryptocurrencies run by the devil in the crypt you could i'm sure there are people out there think bitcoin addresses are the number of the beast mm uh oh but we know from iron maiden that six six six of the is the number of the began so we know from van halen that six six seven is next door to the devil developing advani on the dea go ahead look it up i want to listen to you tug lurd at uh that's not a thing iron maiden maybe the idea said iron maiden they know that so you're guessing at an answer neighbor but by guessing you're also vis verifying the other uh cryptocurrency exchanges and if you're right there is a new bitcoin oh i'm sorry of is trying to look up six six to have a neighbor of the beast why does that have a picture of a like a condo light bats actually were the beast lives it's eight is apparently a sitcom points i don't know down i wanna yeah probably look i on the blues here's her involved this was a yoruba dan fiction wikipedia here i am seinfeld israeli does here know this is fake tom i am i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna call inaudible and go back to what you were saying so that's how it works at tel you're like germany new tweaks i'm going to get about six six seven neighbor of nod is raised you're going to get about bitcoin.

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