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Of a percent the nikkei in japan is down about four tenths of a percent the hang seng in hong kong also down around four tenths of a percent you're listening to npr news from washington the pakistani interior minister has been shot and wounded local pakistani in media reports the incident occurred during a political gathering in his hometown and fears dea hadeed has more from islam abbad local media reports that authentic was shot in the arm often assailant opened fire at him he was campaigning in his hometown neurology in the lead to pakistani national elections expected this summer it's the most serious incidents of violence since campaigning began but there's been plenty of tensions in the lead to elections the supreme court has disqualified the former prime minister from ever holding public office after he was plunged into corruption scandal another court disqualified the foreign minister loyalists siegel this as the work of members of the army and the judiciary who they say are against the country's most popular political party this shooting to is likely to be seen as another attempt to pressure the ruling party de hadeed npr news islamabad gas prices continue to rise the lundberg survey shows the price of a gallon of regular gas rose seven cents over the past two weeks to two dollars ninety cents on average that's the tenth straight week of rising prices and oil analyst trilby lundberg says it's the highest average price since november of twenty fourteen at the weekend box office after breaking opening weekend records avengers infinity war continued to dominate its second weekend in theaters taking the top spot with an estimated one hundred twelve million dollars globally the movie is now grossed over one billion dollars and it's become the first film ever across the one billion dollar mark in eleven days of release and it has an open in china yet i'm janine herbs npr news in washington support for npr comes from the ape and ida cooper foundation commemorating fred cooper by supporting.

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