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At paint. Chattanooga, Doc. Second possession commences at their own 33 yard 9 10 05 to go for a quarter. No score. Titans in the mayor's at ease on stadium Bears five and three on the season Titans 52 Alan Robinson wide to the left for Daryl Patterson is lined up on the right side folds under center with Montgomery behind him throws in the flattest Patterson with Nice tackle in the open field. For the Titans by hooker to gain of about five yards on the play will say, second down five. Yeah, that's 11 personnel in the Bears. They're using some really tight splits, and they're bringing their splits and very, very tight. To give the receiver's a lot of room to work from the numbers to the sideline, especially after that roll booth, just like we saw them Morel Murchison in the defensive line for the Titans in this sequence with Crawford. And also Simmons. Hi formation for the Bear's gonna pitch it to Patterson on the left side at Patterson is stacked up as he reaches the 40 yard line gain of two on the toss play. It'll be third down in three. Tackle is made there by 58 Landry for the toss play, but what they try to do with that place spices out of the I formation as they try to toss it to him, But it's more like a lead. It's a toss lead where he's getting downfield immediately. Patterson, a big guy'd 6 to 38. Folds in the gun with Montgomery on his right here. Three receivers on the right side being blitz in trouble, throws it away. Excellent pressure, Landry. And another third.

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