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The he plans to run for president of the United States. This is Keith Scott of the Senate historical office office. The presidency is the most powerful office in the free world through which leadership can come may more vital life for all of our people. She seemed seemed not very polished. He seems a little unsure of himself. Is Looking is no cards and this kind of uncomfortable fidgeting and he's so awkward in it are scented the hopes to the globe around us freedom and a more secure life. He doesn't exhibit any the of the vigor and confidence that I think of when I think of historic. JFK speeches don't win the presidential nomination. Will you accept the vice presidency. I shall not any condition the candidate annotate vice president. If I fail in this endeavour I shall return and serve a in the United States Senate and yet ten months later she would be elected the next president of the United States he beat out Lyndon Johnson for the Democratic craddock nomination Johnson a fellow senator more than that the Senate majority leader a man who commanded this marble room during the sputnik hearings with charisma and sheer force of will I think that from Johnson's perspective he saw jfk as a political rival. I think that they both recognized in the other that they had ambitions political ambitions for the White House and so they were rivals to fairy different individuals with very different backgrounds which brought them to the United States Senate and I think think that some of those tensions caused by their political rivalry probably carried over that is carried over when Johnson became vice president and those tensions carried over to when Johnson pushed Kennedy to the moon. I'm Lillian Cunningham with the Washington Post.

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