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Now for Steve to help some of our listeners, their love problems with our ask the Cielo Situation that segment CEELO stands for chief love officer or Clo- as Tommy calls it. So you can submit your, you could submit your questions Steve, Harvey as Dot Com are you ready? Absolutely. All right. Let's go this one for the show comes from freight. Oh in Queens freight. Oh says I'm in a roommate situation with my girlfriend. We're both in our mid sixties and we've been together ten years. I'm still very sexually active but my girlfriend and I haven't had sex them three years I've had conversations with her about fulfilling my knees I've told her what she won't do. The next woman will that didn't motivate her to change. So I sleep on the couch. Now we live in a senior living center in our own apartment and I've been getting to know one of the other resident is that a little too close to home Yanking. She got to go far to find you. Know you just across the hall and downstairs. She'd come down there I'm asking to steal occurred sixty. I've seen a couple of net a slow in not fun to watch. 'cause everybody gets hurt when sixty old paedophile. Strings cafe pools. Trolley horses. And Heel, injury wants y'all fall. You've really messed yourself up. So frayed oh I don't know what you told your girl. I don't know why you altogether in a senior why don't you get your own place at Facilit-? He's yeah. Yeah That could be it. So then he could do his own thing. But freight. Freighters that'd be one you if you're very familiar with the name freight, not a happy ending for Ya. A. All right we're GONNA move onto Selena in New York. She says I'm a twenty seven year old single female and my mom and I keep getting the same keep meeting the same men. My mom had me when she was seventeen and people mistake us for sisters. She's in great physical shape and she loves wearing my clothes two years ago we were both doing online dating and we dated the same guy I found out when he asked me if I had a twin sister now it's happened again. I met a thirty two year old man and he said he had dated a woman that looks just like me but they broke up after she lied about her age I couldn't believe it should I move to a new city so I can date in peace. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Columbus. Oh, come out there. Pretty wide. Yeah your. Mom. Or your mom out there like peanut butter. Now. I ain't nobody she can do what she wanted to grow. But obviously, you all have the same taste. Because you all have the same probably makeup and like do say y'all look alike she kept herself together. She wear your clothes. Now I can tell you it put a lock on your closet. All right mom. I I. Don't know what else to tell you. Mom couldn't date. Nobody assist dated. Why my Mama Mama may never looked like my sisters. No confused. Who'd Mommy. Not thought that was my mom. When True Now You know sixties the new thirty day say no, it's not different. It's different now. Keeps making these rules, us. Yeah. I'm sixty three to me is not the new thirty. I'm trying to do is not look like I'm sixty can be. Don't move don't dress like keep swagger alive. Know keep my energy up and everything you know move I stretch a lot. Stretches. Out Move do move out to functional training you know. Young you're young look and sixty three year old. Especially, my husband says that all the time he's like. Look lecture excuse me. Lost entire mind. Yeah I mean first of all, you'd never ask a woman her age, and then you said we're talking about sixteen and look and see what are you saying? Okay you excuse you come on. US All right. You know explain yourself explain yourself you man. You're man enough. It. Man. Be Man enough to explain yourself. What you. Help. You're man enough to make that statement. Go ahead. We WanNa hear this. I. Know. God. Yours too. But it is important because it was on your mind. All right we're moving on where we got a minute. Man Any in Orlando says I just started a new job and everything has been going really well, my boss seems like a really Nice Guy and I'm still training with him. So every day we go out to lunch together because I'm trying to make a good first impression we're both happily married. So I'm concerned about appearances. When we go out together, there is no indication that he's attracted to me nor has ever treated me inappropriately, but my husband doesn't like it should continue going out to lunch with my boss or politely declined. Yeah. Yeah. Politely declined you're. Absolutely. You should I mean lady come on now. But see you talking about he's Hayes. Doesn't seem like he's. Why y'all going to lunch? She says she's still in training with him. Train. All Oh you learn how to each it. Now for a new job I? Guess. They talk over business during lunch no bounds. Not. No. Stop going to lunch okay. Number without yellow. Don't like it keep. Coming up next church complain through Reverend, Motown, and Deacon Def, Jam right after this, you're listening to. Morning. Show. If you crack open an American history book short to be filled with founding fathers, bloody wars in the inventions that brought this country to the industrial age. But there's a whole other world that waits for us in the shadows tales of unlikely heroes, world changing tragedies and legends that are unique to this country spirit. So join me lauren vocal bomb for a tour of American history unlike.

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