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Double Mutant Cove in 19 variants has made its way to the Midwest White Sox going for three straight wins Cubs and since he bowl's host Milwaukee and have the Bears frown, their franchise quarterback will have more coming up in sports and in business, the Dow NASDAQ and S and P 500 all closed lower today. A beauty and terrific. Here's Mary Vandeveld and Traffic is sponsored by Amita Health Inbound. Eden's is jammed up from Peterson, the inbound side of the Kennedy from O'Hare about a Knauer now from the Eaton's 34 minutes, our five heading out back to the airport. Rush hour's underway in the up Monica's well, 50 minutes to Mannheim. About an hour 5 to 3 90 55 in from 3 90 slow 53 all the way up to 83 now on the inbound side of 55 from the tri state 42 minutes. Outbound 2 to 94 is an hour up on Ryan and accident at 95th is off to the side. Still some heavy delays from 31st lakeshore drive north to Chicago accident in the tri state cell phone after Ogden. That's blocking the right lane. Stall east on I 88 the displays River Bridge in the left lane and also police activity. Southside 75th infants sense in an accident summit it Archer, just north of 63rd and Amita Health Orthopedic Institute. You will find treatment for all bone and joint conditions. Taylor to you. That's whole care. Learn more at Amita health dot org's slash orthe owe Amita health in sickness and in health. Vandeveld mpg on traffic Central, The India Double Mutant Cove in 19 Variant is officially in Michigan, Michigan Department of Health announced a positive test today involving someone in Clinton County. The U..

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