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And they're put in facilities with many, many other people. So if someone is ill that can be transmitted to many other people border agents say they need more help to provide adequate medical care to these children say they're actually thinking about reaching out to the coast guard to get some assistance. Now, it's not exactly clear just how many kids are in border patrol custody right now. But experts say that number is only expected to grow as more asylum-seekers make their way toward the border six ten right now in Boston. We've got thirty five degrees were expected to have a pretty good day today. But got a winter storm. Moving in later tonight. We'll get details. Coming up in traffic and weather together local law enforcement officers are getting killed more often in the line of duty national law enforcement officers memorial fund says that number is up twelve percent over the same period last year. Here's president and CEO Craig Floyd over the last twenty years we've seen more officers killed in traffic related incidents than killed by gunfire. But in two thousand eighteen it was firearms related deaths that were the number one cause here in Massachusetts, two officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in two thousand eighteen sergeant Sean Gannon from the Yarmouth police department and Sergeant Michael chestnut of Weymouth police. Meantime, in California, there's an urgent search underway this morning for the man accused of opening fire on an officer during a routine traffic. Stop corporal Roberts sang was shot and killed on Christmas night. One of his fellow officer says the forces reeling today from losing not just a great man, but an exceptional officer living the American dream. They'll put it that way. He went to the police. Kademi dream of being a peace officer. They're definitely an impact that would have my friends their buddies die doing his job officials say they have been able to track down the getaway vehicle. But again, that's suspect is still at large and just ahead of sports. And update now on a story out of New Jersey that sparked outrage across the country the ref who force a high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit. The match has now been fired crowds turned out last night for an emergency meeting of officials at the Boina regional school district school superintendent, David Capuccio announced they're at Alan Moloney will never work at the district again, he's working with our district. Family's. Attorney maintains Andrew wore a cap that was rules compliant. But Maloney, rejected it and demanded he cut his hair. It is six twelve over to sports now in one of the neighboring state of New Hampshire politics and the first in the nation, presidential primary also might come to mind, but the granite state is also becoming known as a breeding ground for big time, college, football coaches. Let's get details now from WBZ's Charlie Sherman. All right. Thanks. Nicole the first to land in the spotlight was chip Kelly graduate of Manchester central high school to after years as an assistant that his alma mater, the university of New Hampshire made his Mark as the head man at Oregon following a success with the ducks he headed to the NFL but after stints with the eagles and the forty Niners. Chip Kelly is now back in the college ranks leading UCLA university of Florida head coach Dan Mullen took over that program after having success at Mississippi State. Dan Mullen is a graduate of trinity high school in Manchester, New Hampshire the third granted state or to hit. The big time is Ryan day day was recently named the head coach at Ohio State day. Also of Manchester played his high school ball at central high school and then went on to star at the university of New Hampshire where his offensive coordinator was chip Kelly..

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