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To check out our tailor made and barstool golf gear as well, not just the drivers, not just the irons, not just the fairway Woods, all of it, folks. Tailor made stealth carbon would driver is in stores now, along with the rest of the family. So check it out, how about me crushing that fucking ad read and folks, like I said, it doesn't matter if you got the half sing, the quarter swing, I'll be carrying the team in the sandbaggers with this in my bag, suck it with. Why is she in socket? We're partners bud. I don't know why I said that. I kind of panicked at the end. I'm sorry. Instincts. Thanks. My apologies. Sorry. But I have carried us last few minutes. Oh, we talked about one Boston sports legend earlier with Tom Brady. Well, another one had his number retired this weekend. Kevin Garnett, I know you're not the biggest NBA guy, but this is a pretty significant thing, man. I mean, the Celtics would kind of dome it for a while. They won the next NBA title 2008. They almost won the next year. And it was pretty cool because him and Ray Allen, they've had some disagreements over the years and Ray Allen fart. He called them out during the retirement ceremony. It's just a pretty cool ceremony. Did you catch any of it? My dad was at the game with a good buddy and said it was pretty cool. Garnett, I'm not a big basketball guy. Everyone knows that sick knee, but he is the ultimate competitor lunatic leader you want. I mean, anything's possible screaming into the camera after they want it all was an all time moment. Just a lunatic on the court, the shit talking and dropping more end bombs than anybody on it. Oh my God, he was just, he was vicious. I think people were afraid of him. What happened between him and rayon is is it because of when Allen left for the heat, all right? That was supposedly what happened, yeah. He was pissed that ray left for the heat and he thought they could have possibly one of the title and yeah, he's not wrong about that and he was upset about it for a while and there was always a bunch of controversy and friction with him, but the fact that Ray Allen for his number retirement and he called them out to bring him out on the court and then when Paul Pierce runs out and they did like the triple hog man like look, you know, I'm a bird chief Mikhail guy. I'm an 80s self guy, but to see that, I don't know how you hot would move, even as a Celtics fan and NBA fan to see like Paul Pierce and hug those two guys. It was awesome. It was like, okay, bye guns are by guns. They buried the hatchet. It was stupid that they probably argued about it anyways, but yeah, it was a great thing. And it felt like that this team should have won more titles here, but they brought a lot. They brought the champion status back to the Celtics, and I think they should be remembered for that and they're going to be. So. And also, I mean, they were up three two in that other series in lost both games in LA to lose that title. But that was one of the worst game 7s that I've ever seen in my life. I think that met a world, they got trucked. The guy Walter Norton, I trained with with Keith yandle and Kyle palmeri Wagner on trade with them. IPF fitness and Andover Massachusetts. This guy was a beast. He still is as a trainer Walter showed him out. He was the trainer of that Celtics team. And he used to tell these unreal stories Booker and that just getting in guy's faces. Calling out anyone in the room if they weren't doing their job. The work OT do. Apparently, he was fanatic in the gym. Fanatical about being in there, working his balls off, didn't matter if it was a game day. It didn't matter if it was after games like just the type of leader that you hear about. And you're like naturally kind of a little scared of him, but also respect the hell out of him if you're on his team. So I thought Garnett just like when he came to Boston, everything changed. I mean, I wasn't a big hoop fan, like I said, but you could tell right away. To come straight from high school too, the way he did, he must have gained like 40 pounds throughout his career. He was rail thin and then just turned into a Hall of Famer. So I was surprised his number wasn't already retired. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know if it was just a matter of waiting for it and the salts have so many numbers retired. Guys who've done a lot of stuff to get the numbers retired, maybe it was just waiting for that. But yeah, I think it was a no brainer that it would have what kind of. So yeah, awesome Boston legend. I wish she was here longer and then one more titles, but the fact that they won one and reestablished the Celtics dominance. That was good stuff anyways. So we talked about Brady earlier, but this is something we didn't bring up his one guy paid 500 over $500,000 for Brady's last touchdown ball. And then he retired later that day. I'm sorry, come out of retirement while fake retirement later that day. So this guy paid off. He paid for it yesterday? Oh my God, that happened. I thought that happened a couple weeks ago. How do you like to be the guy to be the guy who brought just brought Brady's last NFL TV? Holy fuck our egg, get it together. Did you smoke crack in the middle of this episode or something? Fuck. I don't have just brought that up. I don't have these fucking things on. Yeah, it's the glasses. How'd you like to be the guy who just bought Brady's last NFL TV ball at auction for $500,000? Our parents are the only ones listening all right. Nobody cares. My parents, they gave up a long time ago on this show. That is an awful awful beat for that guy. But you know.

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