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That i'm responsible for every day that the steelers practice where there's updates especially when there's fans in the stands we get so much more updates just because the reporters are allowed to say more than i then put a tracker. I put the the show in from steelers live that kicks off training camp. It's in the article whenever training camp practices done and they have their wrap up show. That goes at the end on putting all kinds of information in tweets in this article. Too basically where it could be your one stop shop for practice that day where you could go in and see exactly what's going on. I updated every few minutes on. It's a lot of work to stay on top of it. But i do it for you all and then also we turn around and give you this podcast as well for those people that are that listening on the podcast side but might not check out the website so we have all the information that we can get and today was a very interesting when it came to information. So i'll get to that. But i will say that. The steelers were back and surprisingly in pads. Today i know jeff said on yesterday's recap that he assumed that that was probably the last day in pads for the steelers but they were out there in pads again today. And if. I were to estimate why. I think that happened. It's because the steelers are trying to emulate an actual week. Even though the is on thursday and not the typical sunday and that is the came off there off on sunday. They went padded practice padded practice. Monday and tuesday tomorrow. Wednesday is what will soon as a non padded practice and it's not open to the public and then the steelers will travel to canton to be ready for the game. I'm pretty sure they are going to travel on. Wednesday and thursday have not seen an official report. But that's generally the the way things work in the nfl and with it being a night game they might do a walk through that morning or something so in order to try to make sure that players are figuring how to how a game would work a game leak would be. I think that's why they went with back-to-back padded practices. Now jeff will be back for the next recap. It's probably not going to be until saturday. Because like i said it's practices not open to the public wednesday thursday the hall of fame game fridays off day. I'm fairly certain. It will be back on saturday unless something changes with that schedule but it was very interesting today because there was not a lot of reports coming at the beginning of practice when the steelers took the field at approximately one thirty this afternoon and that was because art rooney the second was speaking to a group of the media at that time so therefore a lot of the reporters who would generally be telling us. Who's practicing who's not draft things of that nature. It took a while until that information started to come out because these reporters were still in in an interview with team. President art rooney. The second mike. Thomas had done his interview already. He did his typical tomlin tuesday at noon. A regular sit down press conference. That was really nice to see in here. And we have information on that at not only at behind the soccer curtain dot com but also the the post what i'd say the press conference wrap up or or however you wanna say i can't remember how it's phrased that jeff did earlier on our podcast platform. Hopefully you've already checked that out. But as they got doing with practice today it was. It was very interesting to see who wasn't wasn't practicing i. The steelers added a player to their roster. Just before practice it was announced. And that was running back. Tony brooks james if that means sounds familiar. It's because he spent time with the steelers in two thousand nineteen he appeared in three games had a handful of carries. I think it was seven carries for eight yards. Something like that. If i recall from reading that article earlier today he also ran ran back. Two kickoffs He was just three games with the steelers and then he was off again but he he was released last week by the atlanta falcons. So they brought him in and part of the reason that he was brought in might have been because for the second straight day. No benny snell. Not even that he was out there getting work in. But just wasn't you know fully dressed. He was not seen on the field for the last two days. Additionally neither was anthony mcfarland junior who apparently came up a little bit limp at the end of practice on monday so it makes sense that they might have brought in another running back. And then we're going to hear a little bit more about the running back situation as we progress through this other players that were not dressing once again. T. j. watt was doing his normal whatever. He's been doing where he's been working outta practicing at practice. But not actually practicing. With the team eric hebron once again missed practice. Zach gentry and ray ray mc lap. Sorry ray ray mcleod were also not practicing but on the on the good news zack. Banner was in pads again today and he did start off and the seven shots according to rafit a powder of the of the pittsburgh post gazette who said zach banners lining up at right tackle for seven shots. Dan more still at left tackle to that. Was the report coming out It's kind of funny because one tweet. I came across today. That that i actually got a kick out of was mark. Kabali says. let me describe a training camp practice for you. Drill drill drill stretch drill drill drill seven shots drills football plays drill drill drill that was remarkably of the atlantic. I got a kick out of that because it sounds like. That's really how things are going. The very first play of seven shots. That is as jeff said. Many times with offense gets seven. Tries from the two yard line. Defense is lineup to stop them. It's basically a two point conversion and it's who can win the most on the very first one unfortunately ben rothlisberger through an interception. Who did he throw to none other than outside linebacker. Alex highsmith okay. Then this starting offense bounces back with two touchdowns from ben rothlisberger after that wanted chianti johnson and wanna pat fair youth k There was conflicting reports on whether or not mason rudolph unit was one for two are over to some said. It was one for two sums. It was over two. And that's gonna make a big difference on who won seven shots the offense the defense but just had some conflicting reports there. but were they. What were the word. Conflicting reports was dwayne haskins. Had the last two shots and they went one for two with the final play being an interception by undrafted free agent market gilbert to finish up seven shots so according to most that was that the defense when the seven shots Still didn't get exact clarity on on the rudolf situations Bryan back. Go another one from the pittsburgh post gazette. He he said on twitter chase clayton. We'll just loves owning guys in one on one drills the other day he pancake justin lane at a blocking period. Now he just put traynor norwood on the ground with a stiff arm..

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