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The State Department is calling it a brazen, violation of international law. The Pentagon says a Russian warplane engaged in what it calls an unsafe and unprofessional intercept, striking the propeller of a U.S. drone above the Black Sea. That interaction caused American forces to bring the unmanned aircraft down and international waters. National security correspondent JJ green says Russia is denying that any of this happened. The fact that Russia is denying it may be an impetus for the U.S. to try to prove or show that this happened. But this is a really interesting situation because Russia is now saying this is a warning to the U.S. not to use that airspace not to engage over there, but the U.S. has said they will continue to do what they normally do throughout the routine course of their mission. Meantime members of Congress, sharply criticizing Russia and trying to shore up more support for Ukraine. The latest from WTO's Mitchell Miller, on Capitol Hill. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is among the lawmakers who have strongly denounced the Russian aggression. It is another reckless act by president Putin and his military. Utah Republican senator Mitt Romney says the U.S. can't allow Russia to define the rules of the Black Sea. He's also among the GOP lawmakers who are reiterating their support for continuing assistance to Ukraine as it battles against Russia. In a break from the view of many in the Senate, but one aligned with some House Republicans, Florida governor and likely GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said this week, he doesn't believe defending Ukraine is a vital interest of the United States. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO V news. Embattled Republican New York congressman George Santos is indicating he'll run for reelection. Even as he's facing calls to resign. Santos is facing criminal and ethics investigations surrounding lies he told during his campaign. Yesterday he filed paperwork with the federal with federal regulators formally declaring his candidacy for 2024. Tuesday's filing with the federal election commission doesn't necessarily mean he'll actually run for a second term. CNN reporting the FEC had told the Long Island Republican last month that he must declare his future intentions after crossing a fundraising threshold that required him to file a statement of candidacy. U.S. Marshals continuing their search today for a one time chief of staff to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan. Roy McGrath failed to appear in court Monday for the first day of his trial on wire fraud and embezzlement charges. A law enforcement source telling CBS News, members of McGrath's family or at his home in Florida when FBI agents visited the house yesterday. The source says McGrath's high profile and widely circulating photos will make it difficult for him to remain. At large. Ten 35. The sound of the Howard University marching band. The school's men's basketball

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