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Baked you a birthday came if you get to me and you moan and groan and woe don't forget we told you so happy right thing. Alright. If it is your birthday today, you share it with Barbara Bain. She's 90 years old. Remember her in space 1999. She was also in mission Impossible. 90 years old. Wow. Journalist Judith Martin is 83. She is best known as Miss Manners. Singer Peter Cetera is 77. He was the lead singer for Chicago. Jacqueline beset is 77. She was in the deep airport. Um People always say she looks like Um Jackie Onassis. So she was in America's Prince. The John F. Kennedy Jr story. Musician Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is 60. Musician Zak Starkey is 56. He plays drums with the Who Oasis. He's also Ringo Starr's son. How do you like that Fab for a Tony? Hey, Fab Four. Don't go anywhere. There's something else in here for you. Hold on. But first comedian Jeffrey Ross, Jeff Ross is 56. He's you know, the great roaster at all Those roasts, reality personality. Michelle Duggar, Duggar 55. You know 19 kids and counting Tyler Perry, who I Enjoy Madea. Is 52 years old. And here you go. Fab Four. Stella McCartney is 50. Yes, that is the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney. And she is a designer finally, singer Fiona Apple. Is 44. If they could still blow out the candles. These folks would be celebrating today. Dr. Walter Reed? Yes. The hospital born in 18 51 businessperson. Milton Hershey. Born in 18 57. Yes. Started To Hershey Chocolate Company. World War one Commander General John John Joseph Pershing, otherwise known as black. Jack Pershing, born in 18, 60, musician and actor, the Velvet Fog. Mel Torme, A. There's a Seinfeld for you. Born in 1925. And singer and actress Nell Carter. Remember, Give me a break born in 1948, But more importantly, if it's your birthday today, happy birthday to you brief stimulus break When we return the view from the other side with Suzanne Lewis, you're listening.

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