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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the three x value growth podcast. My name is Kerry Sol's value advisor to private and family run companies and author of the book. Multiply your business value in three steps. The three x value grows podcast is a forum to hear from advisors with the expertise and resources that you need now tune in to hear from experts who generously share their expertise to help owner lead companies cracked the code on multiplying the value of your business in any economy. So today I am joined by Julie and Sullivan. Welcome Julianne Thank you so much. It's so great to be here. I'm like really excited because this is going to be boom. Boom boom exactly. We want it to be energizing for both you and for our listeners. Julianne thank you so much for being here with me before we get started. I do want introduce our audience to us. They understand why you bring so much value to the table. Julianne Sullivan is the Queen of Culture. Her diverse background and extensive research. Give her a unique perspective on business culture. She's a speaker author. Podcast host and leadership coach. Her current book is catalysts of Culture. How visionary leaders activate the employee experience and our topic for.

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