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One thirty percent exclusively on NFL network. Nice. You got me in there. Good job that you like that. He did the promo. Well, yeah. At least, you know. Company. And I think Colleen's at the stadium for that game. It's it's exciting Colleen getting a workout. The center all over the place. I think jets have shot in this game shot. I mean the Texans have some define weaknesses. They offense of line and Watson seem to struggle with blitzes. I think the jets in their best games this year, cook up a lot of pretty creative blitzes bowls bowls can do that. They don't have a natural pass rush. But you would think they would just blitz. The heck outta Watson which the colts. Did a good job of last week? They don't really have third receiver when you have to play Joe Webb as third receiver. You're in trouble. And they might get KiKi Cutie back this week. It sounds like hopefully, he's healthy. And that's a big lot. That's been a big loss for them weirdly. And then they have Cerise right plane starting cornerback who no matter what team is on. It's like he's the weakness of the defense. He's been on a different decent team every year for the last four years that could be changing it just gets target. Maybe that's changing. But I'm just saying they have some weaknesses have on your resume. Aaron Cova has been out for almost two months. And he's he just came back last week. I think and I think you'll see on. Hal, play more. And I think they want sharia cherise, right? The play less the same concern Mark that you had two weeks ago against the Browns was well, how does how does my offense of line stack up against the pass? Rush of the Texans. Well, the truth matter is that the the Browns, you know, Mark have been much improved and pass protection. Lately. The jets that whole line stinks. And it's probably that's one of their big off season projects is going to be to overhaul that line. So that is my concern is that darnold, and you wanna seem to progress. But if he doesn't have any time to throw a rookie quarterback. It's a recipe for disaster. So I don't feel good about the game. But you know, what I do feel good about I cannot remember the last time in like eight years, I've worked here the daddies been able to you know, poor couple Tito's and watch a jets game with the sun out. In a while the strange combination of events, but yet never at the NFL network. It's it has not happened. Let's move on. So then, you know, and maybe get a little drunk not like sloppy drug, but you know, feel a little buzz and maybe s darn gets hot. It's going to be the Saturday in a long time. We are when the Browns games happening after that. All right right after the jets wrap up their surprise win over the Texans at the medal ends. They will throw it to the Cleveland Browns who are five seven and one as we talked about in Wednesday's show. They have a chance a very small chance. But a chance to be in position to steal the AFC north of things go, right? If everything goes right and get back to the playoffs for the first time since two thousand two to own but here's their opponent. Denver broncos. Chris Wesseling who are coming off a embarrassing loss. At San Francisco seems the set up well for the brownies..

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