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Okay. Powered through and it was only how many episodes is that I have to click on a button, I should have been prepared and not have to have pushed that button. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven ten sometimes counted, ten episodes of the show on Netflix a show that I'm going to refer to going forward as norm McDonald has a show because that's what it's called. Yes. Huge huge norm Donald fan. Norm. Donald head is such a thing exists. I don't know. But I would be one just the something about him. I put him into the category of people, and there's not many who I would say this about of people who I think could sit read a phone book and make it humorous. He is among the people who could do. So. Just the the comic timing the sound of his voice, the cadence of his voice, the he he's got this whole thing for your bit of an odd duck, which is not unusual among the comedic, obviously if you've ever listened to his podcast. Well, this is a classic classic which I feel like I'm brought up in while a envy pity situation where if you've never listened to his podcast, I pity you. But if you've never in listened to the norm MacDonald podcast, I envy, you for the reason you have all of those episodes to go back and listen to the classic liberal Q pity envy situation, which you could also do now, which I have done is watch his show on Netflix, which I will say is perhaps not as good. Yeah. It's just for one reason one reason only on the podcast. I think most episodes. I'm curious what the ratio would be be much different than the show the ratio on talking of is comedians as guests, whereas here, he does have comedians as guests, but I would say the majority in fact are not. So nothing say that there aren't interesting, and they are good, and there aren't laughs and every single episode no matter what because of norm Donald. The ones with the comedians are far and above just like crying laughing at points. So. Let me read down the guest David Spade. For example, those episode or one if you prefer Larry David Letterman Chevy Chase. That was interesting. Knowing what if you know anything of Chevy Chase IRL, let's say he's a bit of a huge asshole. So that the sort of peek through I feel like it can't not. I talked to MRs into watching one episode the one with judge Judy because she actually watches that show. That one was interesting a little peek behind the scenes and just made me think how his just Schutte sitting down with McDonald that right? There is little sort of interesting peek into things that can happen in show business. We got 'em. Sean Michael Keaton was a fascinating one. He was he's not a quote, unquote comedian. I would say he's a comedic actor. But normally Donald said well on several occasions over the course of this interview that Michael Keaton is one of the funniest comedians that has ever worked an actually didn't know that he started as a stand up, so interesting. I don't know. I didn't know that being a lover of stand up and someone who prides themselves on at least some stand up knowledge to have no McDonnell, tell me this guy who I've seen a million times used to be one of the best stand ups ever was shocking to me, I've got more and Michael's that was good m night Shyamalan. Yeah. Interesting one Jane Fonda, she is a bit of an odd duck. I think is well, you're berry. More. They seem to get along. Really? Well, she's just like so upbeat and happy sort of jumped off the screen with her her vivacious nece is a word I could possibly use yet. Just just a delight that one actually. And less on lease Billy, Joe shaver. He of all these guesses lonely when I had never heard of the norm said, it is best friend. So I don't know if that was for the purposes of the show or actually factually truth. But apparently, he's a country singer. Missing a bunch of fingers. Something regardless you know, what I'll do rating, although the podcast five five and this just a little less than that..

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