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I wanted to know what I can do to ward off. I have been diagnosed with HP. So I want to see how I can protect my uterus as much as I can. Well, that doesn't become cancerous. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. First thing you wanna do is strengthen immune system, though, HP by the way is human papillomavirus. It's the most common sexually transmitted infection. It usually is not a problem on its own, but it can lead to various health issues, including female, reproductive, some guests. We've had. On the show. Ben say do not take the vaccine, you know, what I'm gonna say Georgia's you'll say the same thing. Great. Yeah. You want to build your immune system. It's the same idea that we were talking about with the lime disease a strengthening immune system. Stay away from problem foods, strengthen the intestinal lining. Your means system lives in the intestine largely when we talk about building the immune system in many ways, we're talking about keeping the intestine healthy. Make sure you're using a central fatty acids like the ultimate EFA's from you in jeopardy. I be getting on the healthy. Either the healthy blood sugar Packer, the healthy body, healthy body starter pack, one or the other personally, I would be getting a blood sugar pack, though, because of the relationship between the blood sugar and the immune system and then for the female reproductive system. All your fats are extremely important, and that's vitamin a and E specifically, and especially on there's also very important relationship between the health of the female reproductive system and good bacteria in the intestine of people. Don't talk about that. But good bacter-. During the tests and help make hormones and help clear hormones out of the buys, make sure you're using your nightly essence Rian Jackie which I consider to be the Primo probiotic supplement that anybody could get on so intestinal health and probiotic and a good probiotics edition, building the immune system and Claire go to the website criticalhealthnewScom or call that number one eight five five nine four nine seven two three four and good luck to you. William is in the Queens, New York. Hey, William thanks for calling. Hey. Hello. Uk's? My question is what are the best natural ways to reduce coronary artery blockages, gray question. Bernie's not doctor, Dr Franchi's, pharmacist, Ben. But go ahead. Great question. I couple of things first of all coronary blockages have a lot to do with deteriorating connective tissue, when the connective tissue starts to break down, many of the horrible signs of aging all the things that were terrified about as we get older, the stooping stooped over appearance, and the weakness and sending bones and deterioration of the blood vessels ensues when the blood vessel deterioration progresses. The body will patch up little Nixon cuts in the blood vessel in the coronary arteries with cholesterol and calcium and various plaques. And that's what we call. That's what ends up being called blockages. So building the connective tissue is one of the most important things you could do, and it has wonderful anti-aging benefits that's way to build a connective tissue is to make sure your take supplements. Like, the glucose gel caps anything that helps you Bill joy. Points and cartilage is going to have anti aging properties for the whole body. So I'd be doing the glucose gel caps. I'd be doing the nightly the beyond Tangy tangerine, which has all your electrolytes and vitamin C. You may also want to consider t leading agents, and these are supplements that can help help attract some of the the dirt that's in the in the blood vessels, causing the the stenosis or the the the blockages I would be doing things like sulfur, MSM sulfur and also something called an AC or necking at these knee and Jeffey products as well. The more talion has both of those in it. And then also don't forget about your plain old, primal primal panacea. You know, there's a guy named documents rat who wrote about how animals don't get heart attacks. And what he said was that heart disease was actually end blockages for that matter. We're all we're all forms of of scurvy and they were related to. Vitamin c deficiency animals make their own vitamin C in animals, don't get heart attacks. This is Dr Mathias rask's hypothesis. So making sure that you're getting on getting enough vitamin c that's one of those nutrients that we don't talk that. We seem to assume that everybody gets enough. But hardly anybody does that's because of the ridiculous deprivation allowance which is what I call the RDA which tells you that you only need sixty two hundred milligrams of vitamin c. A day you really need grams of it. And that's why one of the probably the best thing in my opinion about the beyond Tangy tangerine. It's got a lot of good things in it. But the best thing about it is a big old dose of vitamin C. I'm going to recommend also to go to one of our guests websites. My heart book dot com, Christian wild so website to take a look at his turmeric formula, which seems to work a lot for inflammation. Great. Yeah. Absolutely. Let's go to Tom with a text and tweet. What do you have four? Ben thomas. Ben this when Jenny from Virginia, she says, I drink a lot of.

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