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Dot com. I'm Tom Shane before we even opened our doors for business. I decided that Shane company would be the one jeweler in town who would commit to taking care of their customers jewelry for life for free. The reason I was so comfortable and so confident offering a free lifetime warranty was because we design the jewelry to last a lifetime by having our own design team. And the best jewelers we set the highest standards for construction quality and craftsmanship. And today, we still have the best warranty in the business, which even includes the center stone. We are. Plane and inspect your Shane company jewelry at no charge as often as you wish if something happens or looks like it might happen. We'll take care of it for free. Most jewelers hide behind the fine print and their warranties at Shane company. There is no fine print. Now, you have a friend in the jewelry business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. Hi, I'm Monica purchasing. A mattress is a very personal very important investment is not something that should be done hastily. And you want to speak with someone that can help you make an informed decision because let's face it a bad decision. Could haunt you nightly. That's why you have to go to the people that know mattress is best Woodstock furniture and mattress outlet. They've just opened their newest matches galleries and Kennesaw and Douglasville for a total four mattress locations. They know at thing or two about mattresses would you shop Woodstock furniture and mattress outlet. You get a personalized sleep evaluation. Designed to match you with. Perfect mattress and shop with confidence. Every mattress comes with a comfort guarantee. So take your sleep health, seriously and come see for yourself. Why north Georgia buys mattresses at Woodstock furniture and mattress outlet shop any of their seven furniture and mattress location today. Visit Woodstock outlet dot com to find a location nearest you. The Scott Slade host of Atlanta's morning news news ninety five five at AM. Seven fifty WSB. We'll.

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