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Here's Dave swan, cloudy skies and forty nine at O'Hare election day two days away and a poll by Langer research associates for ABC news shows healthcare and the economy topping the issues. Those polled picked Republicans by eight points to handle the economy, but the polls show Democrats are preferred by sixteen points for healthcare with an overall advantage there twelve hundred fifty people were pulled in these results have three and a half point margin of error. President President Trump is crisscrossing the country stumping for GOP candidates this weekend. Democrats relying on former President Obama also entertainers like Jimmy Buffett. The former president will be in Gary and Chicago today. Holding of various rallies Democrats are counting on winning the US House Republicans haven't given up and they're optimistic. They can gain seats in the Senate Chicago police are looking for three men in connection with a home invasion on the south side last night. It happened around midnight in the fifty four hundred block of south Damon already say the three broke into the home stabbed the fifty six year old man, it's at the house on fire. The man is in stable condition. The woman and another man has gaped unharmed. We're learning more about the victims and the gunman in Friday night's attack on Tallahassee yoga studio when police say a forty year old man walked into the studio with a duffel bag pulled out a gun and opened fire ABC's Zachary quiche reports six people were shot in two women were killed in the attack. Dr Nancy van Besson was a faculty member. In more Brinkley was a student more had reportedly earned an academic scholarship to FSU and was interested in joining teach for America. Please are still. Trying to figure out a motive the shooter forty year old Scott bueller was a military vet who worked for a short time is a high school teacher barely who took his own. Life was twice charged in the past with battery after allegedly groping women three girls scouts and one adult were killed when a truck veered off the road in central Wisconsin yesterday, they were picking up trash along a roadway in lake hallie, Wisconsin, that's a little over ninety miles east of Minneapolis the drunk driver of the truck driver turned himself in he faces four counts of homicide through negligent use of a vehicle. Do you need a way to get to the polls election day divvy is offering free rides on the election day marketing director Lindsay silk. Criminal says twenty nine percent of young Americans said the transportation was a reason they did not vote in the election in two thousand sixteen is actually one of the reasons why people did not get the bowl because they just had no way to get there. So..

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