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I were here David Ortiz, big Papi before we started recording David and Dallas talking about how much David Ortiz loves Chris Davis. I'm never gonna hear the end of this now because this guy, all he talks about is the as I live with this dude every single day. He's hyping up the, they're actually a very good team. I hope that you make it to the division series David. If if you have a Red Sox as matchup in the division series, who do you like bro? We honest with you. I saw all the as plays against Boston, this regular season, you know what to expect. They are similar teen. The how often they have pitching and they have so many young talent. I mean, you go to the rest of you be like, oh, we got movie, but they got Davis. Yeah. And then you go to the restaurants. Oh, we got AD Martinez, and then they had this big boy left in the Chapman, not Olsen. Models and bro like, and then you go to the pitch, man. I mean, it's it's very similar, but the thing is that scares me the most, how the as. They are heating like they are planning on the east coast field and to be on with you to heat at Auckland. It's impossible like if you don't know if you go to the weather over there, help me on my help me out with that. The weather over there. I used to hate it to go and play Oakland. I mean they had huge feel and then you never know if the always gonna fly of the ball. I mean most likely the boat don't go away over there. Now these I mean, look at this maniac that they have Davis. He people not paying attention to that kid probably because he's opened a west coast. He forty bombs in a hundred years in a row closing on fifty, right? Forty, six. He's supposed, he's closing in on fifties. Forty seventy. Just hit another tank last night. Bobby forty-seven to them thing. I'm telling you. He swing a, he don't care. Yeah, everywhere he heating bowl everywhere. Like I mean, Buddha kid on a field. I hit an east coast and that'll be like seventy bombs because that's what I'm telling these guys. Pompton Oakland..

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