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Connected does that. I push play on here. Now listen it just every time it. I'm bringing you the news. These stories didn't do it then. What macwell high yash. So trending on social media right now. Is this article about beauty queens. Which i'm just fascinated. Because i didn't get to be in a beauty pageant but i think secretly deep down wished i could've been a beauty queen so i just thought it was interesting because i clicked on it and then i found myself of course down the rabbit hole right so a lot of well known celebrities and people we watch on. Tv every day started out as beauty queen. So i thought it would be kind of fun for me to go through a list and you vote if you thought they started off a beauty queen or if that's a hard now so it'd be fun to play today in honor of this funky little article that i was reading on so he's gonna play that and then i also found while i was in the row down the rabbit hole one of the worst Qna's sections of a beauty queen pageant. Where they have to answer and mario's has so. I wanna close with that to leave that To cleanse your pallet from this amazing nikki be trending so let me tell you something. This is one of my all time favorite clips. Sometimes you know. The one where mario lopez asks her our question. Yeah do you want to play that now. Well let's do that now. Let's now let's do it now because he's yeah the round of competition that ultimately determines their fate the make it or break it moment. The ladies will have to demonstrate their ability to answer a thought provoking final question. Sound simple easier said than done. Go to five. So everybody's watching she standing on stage everybody's waiting for these brilliant answers and somebody from the audience. Ask the question and what's happened. Recent polls have shown a fifth of americans can't locate the us on a world map. Why do you think this. I personally believe that. Us americans are unable to do so. Because some people out there in our nation don't have that and I believe that our education like such south africa and iraq everywhere like such as and i believe that they should our education over here in the. Us should help the us or should help south africa and should help iraq asian countries so we will be able to build up our future for. Thank you very much. So that was very enjoyable. Gotten answers like that. I love that some loons every once in a while releasing And such as you so. I thought we go through this list. So let's start with what she beauty queen or not Diane sawyer oh this is exciting. Was she a beauty clean or not odd. Let's play come on. I think diane court. Diane sawyer was a beauty queen when she represented the commonwealth of kentucky in america's nineteen sixty three junior ms scholarship pageant. She won what about meryl streep meryl streep. Was i think she no. I say no. She was not jennifer lawrence. Jennifer lawrence does not know you are correct. She was not all right. Halle berry value. Barry was yeah back in nineteen eighty-five. She won miss teen all american. Peter ginsberg berg was no she was not correct even longoria. She wise yes she was. She was actually miss corpus christi. Usa and ninety eight. What about viola. Davis founded davis was not no no correct. She was not candice bergen. yes. I wouldn't shock me back in one thousand sixty three yeah and then I have two more actually three more delinquent young chopra press. She was back in two thousand. She was missing. Judo wonder woman herself. Oh yes yes. she's gorgeous. Yeah after she served in the israeli army. She actually competed in the miss israel. Competition in two thousand four. Finally we have miss kenya. War from real housewives. No yes yes she was. Yeah she wants. She was miss something. She wanted big title. She one nine hundred ninety three miss usa competition. Oh this is what happens to me. When i see story trending on twitter and then i go for about two and a half hours while of high and is what you get your welcome. Nikki is cissy abor my guy. I haven't seen him seen that. Oh my god wing must discuss it on. This did you fart. Did he ebert even know if i really want to watch that right now. God god thank you see. I got so cute. So i watched. I re re watched a movie last night that we've talked about on the show here before but i really watched it last night. Like sometimes i watch things. And i'm not really watching them. Yes i made a point to sit down with some yogurt and snacks and watch it and it was anne. I watched anne the danny original anne the movie with carol burnett and can i just say carol. That is one of the best carol burnett performances. Ever i stand by that. She should have been nominated for best supporting actress for that movie. Yeah if no one is. If you're not familiar with carol burnett work or who. She is or what she can do. Watch annie 'cause like she's larry isn't it starts see if she's not for a golden globe for that nicole. Boyer cheers sir. Thank you sam. I wish she should have been rationed to one for that. Because she's just so brilliant. But i will say got me thinking because i think that anne you know the little girl was annoying like i think she was manipulating and annoy. And the and the actress was annoying. She wasn't very kris. Maddox plus like that. Hair that doll wider i. Then i started thinking about like unappealing children in movies. And i have. I don't because i want to tell you what mine are. My unappealing movies are now. Anne now then i also have the little girl slash boy transgender. Maybe i'm not quite sure all no-one attraction the movie..

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