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He said well meet me at Carmichael. Okay? Yep. So I get on campus. I don't have late. I'm lost. I don't know where I'm at on campus I get lost and these men to this day is blamed out with me not going North Carolina cuz I only play with you know with that program and me and James Worthy and the crew would have been the same class and we would have been really good and then Virginia, you know, it was an hour from my house and they had a few good players Jeff lamp the break of those guys who will talk to you when they never could get over the top and even today. I realized the significance of going to Virginia and I'll tell you why I'm so with ours my mom and dad's house. It was in a cc and I could get a good education web Virginia only if you ever look at only had ever to our members on the team. Wow, and the reason why is that nobody else wanted the room with them on the road? I didn't know that joke over the place right coach Island, so they had to have Mike Goins Mike Owens Bobby Stokes and gone and Jefferson and garden never played that much with Mike and Bobby room and garlic which stayed home. Sometimes he was home. But you know, he had a couple of guys a room with but we we changed the culture at UVA and we bought in six Americans my freshman year to change the whole dynamic of UVA football scores from a basketball perspective and I didn't realize that you know years later that I got out of school. They're not that coach Island include with racist, but you know, no one ever wanted to go there because of the stigma of Virginia basketball. He tried to try to change up in nineteen Seventy-Six eighty-one ACC title and you know two hour from everyone that team by restricting my coins Wally Walker and The Crew whatever but even today even today not Jacob what I look back at one reason. I actually now live in shortsville is come back is because of the stuff that's racially divided in Strongsville with the school and also also the sports piece off there with the something on walking on their lovely Thomas Jefferson lawn a couple of weeks ago and it's in the news that these young ladies or standing up for black lives matter and wage. They put a piece of paper on their dorm room door. Now. This is where Jefferson lived and Alan pulled all these big people live back in the day, but they didn't they didn't face the university. They just put the piece of paper said after you back yet and it's their racism and all that kind of stuff. So all the university is up and up right because of that they like, oh we need to get this going to take it down all the big money people like President. You need to go get that down whatever wage they said that and guess what like four or five people did on the same door as well. So going back and understanding where we were will be been what I've been through there now and understand that it's it's kind of crazy. It's too long to see it evolve..

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