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Zack, Jack Nelson, Dustin discussed on The Combat Jack Show


Zack deals with your home combat jack nelson to the combat jack show podcasts was okay how you doing sir you know man i'm resting man you know once again you know not to recap everything for those of you all the don't know you boy is um you know going through a crazy marathon right now it is health and this thing's amazing men lobbing getting the strength that i feel you know this man i lost thirty pounds in three weeks and that's not the best way to lose weight but i mean i think i'm looking sexy right now you know what i'm saying i got a haircut can came over to career came in a haircut i'm a so you know none of them slim slim again i'm a star dressing like the only dustin and the frenzel woulda does does trust me snazzy shark misuari's topfive sharp deserves a now they're not they're chubby negative can't do it but none of them slim again our dustin what urb you know what we're talking about it i mean this is a so this episode is coming out is is the steve rift episode leave rifkind man this is uh we were down at eight three see a couple of weeks ago several weeks ago shut out to atlanta atlanta is like the combat jack show second home officially shut out to everybody at eight 3 c you know from ryan's mike to who else men are in mecca old hotai everybody man ojha mike warburg widow mike jason lee from barcelona's of your you know we we were very fortunate.

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