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And now move the sticks ten takeaways from week five with Daniel, Jeremiah Bucky Brooks, and read. Louis. What's up everybody walking to move? The six percent of is axes DJ bucky right back with you here for our takeaway episode and we lost one big undefeated team this week and a little bit of a surprise. But still some some cream of the crop left here when you look at some of the remaining undefeated teams are you doing? Great Dj was a great weekend. I think what we're doing what we're seeing teams really fall into their identity teams have gone through that four-game period that was really liked the preseason, and now we're beginning to see teams play really good football. Guys, it was a weekend in a day where we got the heartstrings pulled on both ends of the spectrum seeing Alex. Smith is Alex. Smith's comeback from injury as he gets back on the field for the first time in almost seven hundred days and then. A comeback just beginning now with that Prescott after his serious leg injury. So hoping all works out well for in the recovery but a lot to get you for the cowboys as well beyond that leads us right to our first takeaway here. Bucky. You've got it having to do with that cowboy win over the New York giants. The cowboys move all without deck.

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