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Its can carmen here on cbs sports radio but first it's the latest sports update with peter schwarts yeah words fled i can and we start with southern i football in foxborough wherever fog is getting thicker and let's find out of the patriots is getting larger a patriots and falcons and a live up they from alan single i think it happened you get the ball dropped at second avenue desperately needed buoyed by they got hotel pretty good they got the patriots key our life but matt brian who add a field goal attempt block earlier and the left goalpost given the patriot the ball downfield they got to be a little one did but even he added one yard field goals with dropped ago we were in the third quarter and then the fog at perl at the patriot leaning and let it what it than i think there are now and thank you elsewhere we seven the cowboys wrote the nadar's forty two tennessee kill alley rush rush 447 yards with couple touchdowns she octover the giants 247 stiller shorted i bengals fourteen bears week panther seventeen fray bills thirty pills birdie box twenty seven charges wiped the broncos twenty one nothing it over to all the titans over the browns twelve nine saying packers twenty six seven seen the jaguars shut out the coach twenty seven nothing it was the vikings over the ravens 24 sixteen the dolphins rally past the jet's thirty one the 28 in that game dolphins quarterback jay cutler left the card test it's believed that he has a couple of cracked ribs and could be out a couple of weeks or rams with the cardinals in one thirty three to nothing in that game cardinals quarterback carson palmer suffered a broken left arm and off surgery could miss eight weeks to the rest of the season baseball dodgers manager dave roberts announcing that which hill will start getting through the world series yu darvish gets the ball in game three red sox them astros bench coach alexkor of their new manager match reportedly millions pitching coach micky callaway their new skipper and began the second pelicans 56 laker fortytwo finals he wants one thing fifteen thunder one thirteen that's over the hawks 116 104 sandra portly fire head coach or a watson nhl kmox over the redwings order want oputa schwartz hey the sprained into your on tiki barber eeking may have played in.

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