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Jimmy graham the one involving percy harbin trades down out of the first round did you know that in the last five draft classes they only have they've only made one first round pick that was germana fatty the guard from tech's sanam tough 2016 now they've they've done well after that i mean like you know in in this year we'll see what mellick mcdowell he's got a lot of things he's got straight now but i mean what their second round pick it 2015 they got frank clark they got tyler lockett with their third round pick in 2016 they get your on readers good player antoine with their second round pick the guy nick net with their third round pick so they've been able to paul richardson was their second round pick in 2014 justin in brit was another second round pick in 2014 so they've been able to do well later on but you're right you're first round picks are where you're you know where you're going to have your on paper at least your best cheap labor and they don't have a lot of it now and here's the unfortunate the thing for them to going forward they don't have a second round pick or third round pick in 2018 and they don't have a second round pick in 2019 kills ya because the sheldon richardson an andone brown trades meaning to choose heals your jeep brand ju grams do be a free agent you mentioned are richardson he's gonna be a free agent i mean those those guys was good is gone now so i mean what i mean like you know i i think you look at it now at the very least here right it's if you are going to make another run next year is probably the last one so you either do that or you just aside you know what we're going to pull the plug now and we're going to start building towards 2019 2020 2021 around russell wilson okay loop news i'm number four already the cowboys they won their third straight game beating the raiders on sunday night and they welcome back zeke elliott for this week's game at home against the seattle seahawks.

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