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Know with You know preservatives. And what are some of the things that hidden in that make us. Oh six indy. You might say look. I saw the other day fifty percent less sugar on an apple. Jake and i'll go about doing that. So i flipped it all eva and speaking san apple juice and the rest was water and stabilize them flavors and colors and this is what makes you sick. Just get the apple juice and dilute it down by eighty percent. You know the these are the things that if we if we really think about it and we've done so for the tricks of advertising and marketing and the food companies and bed and prophets today shareholders. Let's face it. They're not to make you healthy but there are some if pickle people that are they so. I'm always looking at stabilizes acidity regulators like citric acid. because that's made with synthetic biology looking gums. So there's guacamole zan from vanson is made with synthetic biology and this is the genetically modified micro-organisms put on genetically modified substrates to mccaffrey attitudes forest. Though they will be hidden ingredients in there that they may not cleaned out. So we don't know what's in those hidden ingredients and it might say natural flavor and that could be forty eight ten hidden chemicals or it could be conveyed biology so win and the other things is chemicals and i talk about that in my commentary. What wade is that. You think you're eating a beautiful salad braid. But giving the they wait from pharma who gives a cape said just before harvest with roundup Which is a broad spectrum. Antibiotic broad spectrum. Herbicide affects the she can make pathway causes neurological issues. So all of a sudden. You've gone dyson missing at christmas And you wondering why you put on white. It's probably inflammation more than anything with a bit of fat bad too bad. Yeah lets you made me think about something. That is is so prevalent in our food. You know a process food and so many people are eating out right now. They really are and some people are eating at home too. But over the weekend i saw a lot of people eating out and i saw a lot of obesity. And i couldn't help but think about high fructose corn syrup and like you said the genetically modified wheat and all these things that that the the big food companies are not telling you that really have caused a an epidemic of disease especially here in usa right. Yes definitely well the truth. Dangerous when you're eating out. Is that fructose corn syrup as well as the vegetable oils. So nice people will be crying in refined vegetable oils at come from genetically modified crops. Ride around up. So on. If i really question restaurants i because i live in and the small community I were questioned the restaurant. And i will say what fat using what should do you. How do you make that. What are the agreements And then i know watching go there. All the time is unhappy with them last night and i haven't i haven't eight nap for weeks. 'cause we do a protocol. This is what we did before christmas. We do have very strict protocols so that we don't indulge in the craziness of christmas so when we go to a christmas party we know where protocol. So why do we wanna eight oldest stuff that comes around And i'll usually drink soda water or uptake. I'll take a cold save. It looks like wine. It's licorice and lemon Lemon modal or casual lime leaves. And i'll make up the sea. It's really sweet. Because of the licorice. And i'll make it called a a Put that in the wind boston. And nobody's in any the difference that you're not doing what they're doing. Is the precious the precious show. You don't wanna drink cindy you know on finally got this one here and they go. Oh i say yeah it's It's it's a bad. I don't wanna do just every year. I don't want to end up january the fist going. Oh what am i gonna do. I feel terrible. You know. I wanna feel good or the christmas took like tiny english. So it's about starting a little bit of discipline and then hitting the christmas period where you can eat the turkey and the vegetables and had a little bit of pie and yeah and some real cream and yeah. That's that's always a good way to do it. I love that mindset. I do and we're going to go to a break. Because i want to talk about all these amazing products when we get back Wherever you're listening to cyndi o'meara of you out there listening and we'll be right back. She is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist author and documentary maker. She's the author of the her new book lab. The table will be right back..

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